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Youtube Channel Vancity Adventure putting their own twist to creating adventures, overlanding and Travel

Out on the backroads

LANGLEY, BC, CANADA, June 23, 2023/ — Daryl Berden and his son Cayden add their own spin to adventure, travel, and overlanding. This trio consisting of father, son, and their dog Tosha has been making waves on YouTube by exploring new destinations, learning about different cultures, and bonding.

The Berdens are the stars of ‘Vancity Adventure,’ a YouTube channel that follows them on their amazing adventures. With over 25k subscribers worldwide tuning in to witness their remarkable experiences, it’s no surprise that this family is a tremendous hit. Vancity Adventure provides an authentic experience for its viewers, from exploring hidden treasures like stunning waterways in Punta Cana and old ruins in Mexico to sharing anecdotes about local culture.

The Berdens are passionate about showcasing the world’s beauty through their unique perspective. They teach us crucial things such as being open to diverse cultures and appreciating nature’s beauty when exploring new locations together. It’s evident that this father-son team is not only having a good time, but also learning about life.

According to Daryl, while adventures can be challenging and unpredictable at times, they are the ideal building blocks for learning how to adjust to life’s uncertainties and provide essential lessons that help people seek new paths out of their issues.

“Putting yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned, such as on an adventure, teaches you how to deal with life’s uncertainties.” And there are many of them. Epic adventures increase your tolerance for unpredictability.”

Daryl and Cayden not only travel the world and share their exploits on their website and social media, but they also sell merchandise. T-shirts, mugs, homeware, and other items featuring images that represent their brand.

Anyone looking for an immersive travel experience without leaving their homes could gain much from Vancity Adventures. Visit to learn more about this adventure enthusiastic trio and subscribe to their YouTubeTM channel at

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