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Xeenon’s Affiliate Program: Propelling Creators and Fans into a Future of Innovation and Collaboration

Xeenon’s 97/3 split, empowering creators and fans with the Affiliate Program drives innovation, collaboration, and prosperity in a shared digital ecosystem.

Our 97/3 revenue split, coupled with our Affiliate Program as a launch pad, empowers creators and fans, fostering innovation and enabling their shared journey of creative exploration”

— Troy Murray, CEO Graviton

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, PUERTO RICO, June 13, 2023/ — Xeenon, the foremost WEB3 streaming platform, is delighted to announce the advent of its ground-breaking Affiliate Program, marking a historic milestone in the evolution of the digital landscape. With this visionary initiative, Xeenon emerges as the vanguard of the WEB3 streaming revolution, poised to redefine the very fabric of the creator-fan relationship.

The launch of Xeenon’s Affiliate Program signifies a transformative shift towards a dynamic and symbiotic marketplace, where creators and fans converge in a harmonious ecosystem of mutual growth and empowerment. No longer restricted to a unidirectional relationship, creators and fans are now co-creators, architects of a shared economic microcosm known as “The Collab Economy.” The Affiliate Program serves as the catalyst, propelling both creators and fans to new heights of innovation, connectivity, and prosperity within the Xeenon universe.

At Xeenon, our unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering a vibrant community fuels our vision for the future. We envision a world where creators and fans coexist, collaborate, and thrive together, bound by a shared purpose and insatiable hunger for groundbreaking experiences. Through the Affiliate Program, Xeenon offers creators a launch pad, an expansive canvas upon which they can paint their dreams, while fans discover a realm of unlimited possibilities, where their support and engagement transcend mere appreciation.

To embark on this transformative journey, creators are invited to meet attainable yet aspirational milestones. By streaming for a minimum of 3 hours and gathering at least 10 followers, creators embark on a path of discovery and growth, emboldened by the knowledge that their dedication and talent will be met with unwavering support from Xeenon’s vibrant community.

In the spirit of empowerment and recognition, Xeenon is committed to championing the creative genius of its creators. In a resolute departure from industry norms, Xeenon’s commission stands at a mere 3%, ensuring that an astounding 97% of payments flow directly into the hands of those whose artistic brilliance ignites the platform. This radical 97/3 revenue split serves as a testament to our unyielding belief in the value of creators, their contributions, and their indispensable role in shaping the very fabric of Xeenon’s success.

The Affiliate Program heralds a new era of possibilities for creators and fans alike. As creators step onto the stage, they unlock a multitude of compelling features, empowering them to cultivate dedicated communities of subscribers. Through credit payments, subscribers become patrons of the arts, supporting their favorite creators and forging deep bonds of loyalty and collaboration. Moreover, the program enables subscribers to acquire exclusive emotes, enhancing their ability to express themselves, fostering a sense of belonging, and kindling meaningful connections within the thriving Xeenon community.

Yet, the Affiliate Program is merely the initial spark, the first glimpse of the immense potential that lies ahead. Xeenon’s vision stretches far beyond convention, far beyond the boundaries of what is known. With audacious determination and unbridled ambition, Xeenon will harness the power of revolutionary WEB3 tools, unleashing a symphony of innovation that will redefine the very essence of creator-fan interactions.

In this future we envision, creators and fans seamlessly coexist within a shared ecosystem, where their collective ingenuity fuels unprecedented possibilities. Xeenon is poised to unveil a series of groundbreaking features and initiatives that will revolutionize the streaming landscape, inspiring a paradigm shift in how creators and fans connect, collaborate, and flourish together. As the curtain rises on this remarkable journey, Xeenon invites creators and fans worldwide to embrace the boundless horizons of imagination

Troy Murray
Graviton Inc
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