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Wusic Enables Expectant Parents to Share Family Voices & Music with Their Unborn Child Promoting Early Prenatal Bonding

Womb Music’s Bluetooth Belly Speaker promotes Early Bonding With Baby for Families

Best Selling Bluetooth Belly Speaker by Wusic available on Amazon

Best Selling Bluetooth Belly Speaker by Wusic

Wusic's Bluetooth Belly Speaker Package available on the Wusic website

Wusic’s Bluetooth Belly Speaker Package Includes a Gift Bag, Data Cable, Silicone Pads, and other Accessories

Wusic Promotes Early Prenatal Bonding between Family Members! The Womb Music Belly Speaker gains market share from BellyBuds, once featured on Shark Tank.

We are committed to providing expectant parents with tools that enhance their prenatal journey. The Wusic Belly Speaker is a dedication to families to strengthen their bond with their unborn child.”

— CEO of Wusic – Brian Klecker

WARRENVILLE, SC, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Wusic, a leading innovator in prenatal audio technology, is excited about the success of their revolutionary product, the Bluetooth Belly Speaker. This cutting-edge device allows expectant parents to share their family voices and music with their unborn child, fostering early prenatal bonding between family members.

The Wusic Bluetooth Belly Speaker opens up a world of possibilities for expectant parents seeking to establish a deep connection with their baby before birth. By simply connecting the speaker to a smartphone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device, parents can play their favorite music, or family members’ voices, and share heartfelt messages directly to their growing baby bump.

“Early bonding between parents and their unborn child is a cherished and magical experience,” said Brian Klecker, CEO of Wusic. “We designed the Bluetooth Belly Speaker to provide a unique and interactive way for expectant parents to create lasting memories with their baby even before they enter the world.”

Research has consistently demonstrated the multitude of benefits associated with prenatal bonding for both parents and their babies. Scientific studies have shown that playing soothing music and sharing familiar voices during pregnancy can yield significant advantages, including calming the baby, supporting brain development, and fostering a sense of familiarity and connection after birth.

One study conducted by Kisilevsky et al. (2004) found that prenatal exposure to music positively influenced fetal behavior and development. The research indicated that unborn babies exposed to music exhibited reduced stress responses and enhanced neurological development compared to those who were not exposed to music prenatally.

Furthermore, another study by Kisilevsky et al. (2009) explored the effects of maternal voice exposure during pregnancy. The findings revealed that newborn infants demonstrated a heightened preference for their mother’s voice, indicating a sense of familiarity developed in utero. This early bonding through vocal interaction can contribute to a stronger parent-child relationship post-birth.

The Wusic Bluetooth Belly Speaker serves as an exceptional tool for expectant parents to facilitate this crucial bonding process. By allowing parents to play music and share voices directly to the womb, the Bluetooth Belly Speaker offers a convenient and intimate means of establishing a deep connection with their unborn child.

The Bluetooth Belly Speaker boasts a compact and lightweight design, ensuring maximum comfort for the mother while being easy to use and carry. The speaker’s high-quality audio output guarantees a rich and immersive sound experience for the baby, creating a nurturing environment within the womb.

“We are committed to providing expectant parents with tools that enhance their prenatal journey,” added Klecker. “The Wusic Bluetooth Belly Speaker is a testament to our dedication to innovation and empowering families to strengthen their bond with their unborn child.”

Wusic was previously noted as unseating the Belly Buds Speaker by Wavhello which became popular back in 2018 after appearing on Shark Tank. Wavhello failed to get an offer from the Sharks. The Womb Music Bluetooth Belly Speaker is a modern implementation of their early concept but with several advantages over the BellyBuds Speakers. Some of the Wusic advantages are a wireless connection, internal memory for storing audio files, sleep mode for fading out the music over time, one comfortable speaker instead of two, and reusable silicone gel pads instead disposable sticky pads. All of these innovations have given Wusic a leap forward over its competition.

“Wusic” and “Womb Music” are Registered Trademarks of KMConsolidated and the Wusic Bluetooth Belly Speaker is Patent Pending. “BellyBuds” is a Registered Trademark of Wavhello and does not have a patent. “Shark Tank” is a trademark of Sony Pictures Television Inc.

If you want to learn more about the Womb Music Bluetooth Belly Speaker, you can visit Wusic’s website at www.WusicTech.com or www.WombMusic.com.

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Womb Music’s Bluetooth Belly Speaker helps Family with Early Bonding With Baby

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