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‘We Understand Their Aspiration’: PM Modi On India Being ‘Voice’ Of Global South In G20

Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew a link between a “stable government” in the country strengthening India’s relationship with various countries across regions. Speaking of India being the trustworthy voice of the Global South ahead of the G20 Summit to be held on September 9 and 10, Modi said that these are the countries with which India empathises and understands their aspirations. He also said that India has given importance to its ties with Africa over the years and that it gave momentum to the idea of inclusion of the African Union at the G20. 

In an interview with Moneycontrol, the Prime Minister said that in 2014, “after many decades of instability, the people of India voted for a stable government that had a clear agenda for development.”

“These reforms empowered India to not only strengthen its economy, education, health and welfare delivery but also gave the country the ability to become part of global solutions in various domains. Whether it is space or science, technology or trade, economy or ecology, India’s actions have been lauded worldwide.

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“Whenever any country interacted with us, they knew they were interacting with an aspirational India that was looking to partner with them in their progress while also taking care of its own interests,” he said. 

“This was an India that had a lot to contribute to every relationship and naturally, our global footprint increased across regions and even countries that saw each other as adversaries became friendlier with us,” he added. 

Speaking on India being the “trustworthy voice” of the Global South, PM Modi said, “These are countries with which we empathise. Since we too are part of the developing world, we understand their aspirations. At every forum including the G20, India has been raising the concerns of the countries of the Global South.” 

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After India took over the G20 Presidency last year in December, it organised a Voice of Global South Summit, “which made it clear that we were a voice for the inclusion of those who felt excluded from the global discourse and institutional priorities.” 

During the interview, Modi also said that his government gave importance to ties with Africa over the years. “Even at the G20, we have given momentum to the idea of the inclusion of the African Union,” he added. 

“We are a nation that looks at the world as one family. Our G20 motto itself says that. In any family, every member’s voice matters and this is our idea for the world too,” PM Modi said. 

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