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Voquent Celebrate 100k Demos with Revolutionary Tech Redefining Voice Over Casting

Voquent’s casting technology provides immensely powerful casting across over 600 languages

The Voquent Platform is celebrating hitting 100k live voice over demos on its site. Advanced tech provides never before seen power in voice actor casting.

UNITED KINGDOM, May 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The world’s leading voice over platform, Voquent.com, announced reaching 100,000 live and professionally vetted demos on their casting platform. Surpassing this number represents a significant milestone in the way that casting is done in the voice over industry. The immense variety of demos gives way to a new era of unparalleled casting options, empowering casting agents to find their perfect voice over talent.

“Our casting technology is the beating heart of the Voquent platform. You can get specific results matching performance, location, and technical specifications, all at once.” explained Miles Chicoine, Voquent’s Managing Director and co-founder. “Clients can hear what they want from who they want to hear it from. No other voice over casting site has this kind of functionality, results are truly tailored to a client’s brief with unbeatable precision.”

In recent years, Voquent have transformed the way that voice talents are cast in projects to match their skillsets. Incorporating spoken language, accents, nativity, characteristics, talent information, and more has helped craft their signature Omni-Search bar into technology of unprecedented power in the voice over industry.

“I’ve been casting talent for two decades, and the process has a lot in common with its fishing namesake, directors typically cast a wide net, hoping to reel in the best catch. However, this approach often results in a time-consuming and exhausting task of sorting through numerous options and rejecting many of them. It’s a challenge that both directors and talent find frustrating due to the significant time investment it requires” said Al Black, Voquent Director and co-founder.

“But just imagine going fishing without a net, filtering for the perfect fish with your Voquent goggles. Rather than randomly catching whatever comes your way, you can see and pick exactly what you want. This laser-focused and revolutionary technology saves precious time for both casting agents and talent. It allows them to efficiently connect and compare with genuine peers, creating a more streamlined and enjoyable casting experience.”

Voquent serves over 600 languages and 1700 accents, a number exceeding the combined total of the ten largest translation companies in the world, put together.

To learn more about Voquent or for further comment, please email voices@voquent.com.

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