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VideoProc Converter AI Arrives to Enhance Video Quality with Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization

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Digiarty Software releases today VideoProc Converter AI with AI-powered Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization to enhance video/image quality.

With the release of VideoProc Converter AI 6.0, we’ve taken things to the next level, introducing three exceptional AI features.”

— Jack Han, CEO of Digiarty

CHENGDU, SICHUAN, CHINA, October 24, 2023 / — Today, Digiarty Software, a trailblazer in multimedia software development announces the major release of VideoProc Converter AI on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of VideoProc Team. The new Windows version boasts three groundbreaking AI tools: Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation, and Stabilization – that provide intelligent and precise enhancement of video quality. This is nothing short of a milestone, as VideoProc Converter evolves into VideoProc Converter AI, an AI-driven video enhancer and converter.

According to Jack Han, CEO of Digiarty, “VideoProc Converter was already known for its prowess in converting and processing large 4K/HD videos, DVDs, and audio files with full GPU acceleration. With the release of version 6.0, we’ve taken things to the next level, introducing three exceptional AI features”. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the VideoProc Team is offering a special anniversary sale with discounts of up to 52% for all users.

Introducing the new AI features in the Windows edition of VideoProc Converter AI 6.0:
1. AI Super Resolution: upscaling and enhancing videos and images
The AI Super Resolution module is the crown jewel of VideoProc Converter AI 6.0, capable of upscaling and enhancing old, SD, and low-quality videos, AI-generated images, photos, DVDs, and records. It can scale up a video or picture by 200%, 300 and 400% while delivering a natural result without noticeable artifacts and detail loss. Powered by up-to-date and well-trained AI models, the technology is specially made for reality and anime videos as well as AI generative pictures.
Jack Han highlights that “Our Super Resolution is particularly effective for enhancing nature, architecture, and travel footage, making it ideal for updating old DVDs and photos, processing highly compressed content, and refining your crop-ins for top-tier display.”

2. AI Frame Interpolation: adding new frames to smooth videos
VideoProc Converter AI introduces the AI Frame Interpolation module, which intelligently interpolates new frames between existing frames. This technology boosts framerates from 30/60FPS to an impressive 120/240/480FPS and more, ensuring seamless motion and cinematic slow-motion videos without unwanted artifacts. It handles scene transitions, occlusions, and particles with precision, guaranteeing no smearing, flickering, or blurring. Importantly, all audio and subtitles remain intact when exporting AI-interpolated videos.

3. AI Stabilization: fixing shaky GoPro/drone/camera footage
It stabilizes GoPro, drone, and camera footage more efficiently by utilizing the next-level stabilization algorithm. It offers users full control over shakiness removing intensities and cropping sizes with selectable Stabilization Modes, Presets, Border Color, Crop Type, and Crop Ratio. It excels in challenging scenarios like low contrast regions, illumination changes, motion blur, and moving objects.

In addition, it can leverage Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA graphics cards to maximize performance. To enable GPU computation for AI features, users need to make sure the GPU drivers at least support Vulkan API (1.2.0+) or OpenCL API (1.0+). But the Super Resolution and the Stabilization features can run using CPU operation, which is friendly to old computers.

Introducing the improvements in the Mac edition
Although AI features are not yet available in the Mac edition, VideoProc Converter AI has made several noteworthy enhancements:
1. Added: New output profiles of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
2. Added: The support for running on macOS Sonoma smoothly.
3. Improved: The compatibility with Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Pricing & Availability
The pricing of VideoProc Converter AI remains unchanged from its predecessor, VideoProc Converter. To commemorate the 5th anniversary, the software is available at an exclusive discount of up to 52%. Existing users can update to the new version 6.0 at no extra cost, while new users can visit the official VideoProc Converter AI website to download the software.
• Premium 365 for 1 Year (usable on 3 PCs): now $25.95 only.
• Lifetime License (usable on 1 PC): now $45.95 only.
• Family License for Lifetime (usable on 3-5 PCs): now $57.95 only.

To seize the opportunity of this exclusive Anniversary Sale, please visit:

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