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VicOne Joins P3 SPARQ IVI Platform to Deliver Future-Ready Embedded On-the-road Cybersecurity

SPARQ OS from P3 now features leading edge VicOne cybersecurity pre-integrated

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VicOne identifies potential IVI security risks early, protecting driver and passengers

SPARQ OS IVI now features VicOne cybersecurity

OEMs choosing SPARQ OS can now provide their customers with comprehensive embedded protection out-of-the-box

Cars are becoming supercomputers on wheels, leaving certain security gaps that attackers can use. We’re delighted to partner with P3 and join SPARQ to deliver always-on protection for users”

— Edward Tsai, Vice President of Strategic Partnership at VicOne

STUTTGART, GERMANY, September 5, 2023/ — P3 digital services, leading provider of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, and VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions leader, today announced their partnership: The pair will showcase their new pre-integration, enabling the exceptional cybersecurity features of the VicOne Security app, based on VicOne Smart Cockpit SDK, in the SPARQ OS IVI ecosystem, at IAA Mobility 2023.

VicOne’s Smart cockpit solution provides a full range of cybersecurity protection functions for infotainment enabled by the SPARQ OS platform, based on Android Automotive OS. It prevents personally identifiable information (PII) and privacy breach through risky apps or browsers, thus safeguarding vehicle users. In parallel it blocks the installation of backdoors, thereby averting remote manipulation of information on the IVI system. Furthermore it informs the driver about resource-intensive apps to enhance smart cockpit driving experience and safety. As soon as a data breach or insecure solutions are detected, customers are promptly notified, enabling them to take action and protect themselves before it’s too late. The combined solution of SPARQ OS and VicOne enables users to stay alert and benefit from 24/7 PII and privacy breach surveillance.

The automotive cybersecurity solution continually assesses privacy risks – including protecting email addresses, bank account numbers, credit card details, social security numbers, and beyond – safeguards against data leaks and unauthorized access. Any vulnerable Android Automotive apps using insecure communication or data storage methods are recognized, with future infiltration attempts prevented in the infotainment system. The result is a safe and secure IVI environment, with content protection for driver and all the vehicle’s passengers.

OEMs which choose to deploy SPARQ OS IVI are alleviated of the requirement to develop or invest in separate cybersecurity measures; they, and their customers, can benefit from IVI-specialized VicOne protection right out-of-the-box. Software-enabled services represent OEMs’ next opportunity for generating revenue. But providers should first protect customers’ data privacy through smart cockpit protection solutions, so as to win customers’ trust.

“With cars becoming supercomputers on wheels, this leaves certain security gaps that attackers can use to victimize car makers, their suppliers, and car owners with far reaching consequences for vehicle operation and vehicle security. Thus, the combination of comprehensive threat intelligence with network security expertise is more critical than ever. Encased in the connected car experience is the ability to protect users against potential cyber-attacks,” said Edward Tsai, Vice President of Strategic Partnership at VicOne. “We’re delighted to partner with P3 and join the increasingly popular SPARQ ecosystem to deliver future-ready always-on protection for SPARQ users everywhere,” he added.

“With the addition of VicOne to the SPARQ OS platform, our OEM customers can have even more confidence that the whole SPARQ-enabled infotainment ecosystem is infused with the very highest level of cybersecurity,” commented Marius Mailat, CTO & Managing Director of P3 digital services.

SPARQ OS is the dynamic and rapidly developing IVI solution developed by P3 based on Android Automotive OS, the fastest growing in-vehicle operating system in the world today. SPARQ’s cockpit platform includes a diverse appstore, smart navigation, digital and personal voice assistant, charging, media and entertainment. It features fully automated over-the-air software and firmware updates, ensuring always-up-to-date functionality and promoting sustainability.

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Note to media attending IAA Mobility 2023: For a 1:1 and demo of groundbreaking SPARQ OS IVI platform at Hall B2 / D10 European High-Tech Pavilion® – 2A, just get in touch and we’ll set it up.

About VicOne
With a vision to secure the vehicles of tomorrow, VicOne delivers a broad portfolio of cybersecurity software and services for the automotive industry. Purpose-built to address the rigorous needs of automotive manufacturers, VicOne solutions are designed to secure and scale with the specialized demands of the modern vehicle. As a Trend Micro subsidiary, VicOne is powered by a solid foundation in cybersecurity drawn from Trend Micro’s 30+ years in the industry, delivering unparalleled automotive protection and deep security insights that enable our customers to build secure as well as smart vehicles.

About P3 digital services
With 27 years’ experience in automotive industry consulting and software development, P3 creates customized In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems based on Android Automotive OS, the fastest-growing IVI operating system today. SPARQ OS is P3’s flagship IVI solution that helps car manufacturers to differentiate by delivering advanced top-bottom custom Human-Machine Interface (HMI), service layer and Vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layer (VHAL) integration. Major car, truck and motorcycle makers have benefitted from P3 innovations, having deployed SPARQ OS as their core IVI system. P3 digital services is part of P3 group, a leading international technology consulting and software development company with a rapidly growing team of more than 1,800 consultant engineers working to develop and implement solutions to today’s complex technology challenges.,

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