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Verily Unveils a Revolutionary Digital Reputation Management Platform

Verily empowers individuals with the ultimate tool for reputation management with a comprehensive approach to validating character, trustworthiness, and more.

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 7, 2023/ — Verily, a revolutionary digital reputation management company on a mission to empower individuals with the ultimate tool for reputation management and validation, announced the launch of its new online platform on September 1. Unlike traditional platforms like LinkedIn, which primarily focus on professional networking, Verily takes a comprehensive approach to validating a user’s character, trustworthiness, and more.

In a digital age where one’s online reputation can make or break opportunities, Verily stands out with its unique approach to building trustworthiness based on collective user feedback. This groundbreaking platform allows users to rate and review each other, providing a holistic view of an individual’s online reputation.

However, what sets Verily apart is its rigorous vetting process, ensuring the integrity of the feedback and ratings provided.

Verily’s commitment to safeguarding your digital reputation is evident through its three-tiered protection system, which is based on:

– Verified Accounts: Only approved and verified individuals can leave ratings and reviews on Verily. This means that users can trust that the feedback comes from real and trustworthy sources.

– Verified Reviews: Reviews on Verily are categorized into two distinct categories: verified and unverified. Users have the freedom to choose which reviews to view, making verified reviews stand out prominently. Verified reviews do not determine the accuracy of the review itself but highlight the reviewer’s account verification status.

– Blocking or Flagging: Verily’s focus is on building a reputation based on trust, not on censorship. Unlike other platforms that rely on moderators blocking or flagging content, Verily allows users to benefit from the collective wisdom of the community while maintaining a commitment to user safety.

“The public is long overdue for a platform where individual character and trustworthiness can be reliably assessed beyond just references and background checks,” said Shane Costa, the Chief Executive Officer of Verily. ” In a world eager for genuine connection and trust, the glaring absence of a platform to reliably gauge individual integrity is palpable. The market’s void is not due to lack of demand, but a profound apprehension of potential misuse and harm.”

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About Verily

Verily is a revolutionary digital reputation management platform that empowers individuals to enhance and protect their online reputation. Unlike traditional platforms, Verily takes a comprehensive approach to character validation, allowing users to rate and review each other while maintaining a rigorous verification process to ensure the integrity of the feedback. With Verily, you can trust that your online reputation reflects your true character.

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