Veriff – MassPay Partnership Helps Ensure Compliance for Global Payment Orchestration Platform

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Advanced identity verification technology and know your customer offerings provide seamless verification of MassPay customers

We’re excited to bring our identity verification capabilities to MassPay customers and enable them to integrate KYC capabilities to their payments solutions quickly and cost-effectively”

— Janer Gorohhov, co-founder and CPO of Veriff

NEW YORK, USA, May 16, 2023/ — Veriff, a global identity verification provider, today announced that it has partnered with MassPay, a global payout technology company, to provide enhanced identity verification (IDV) services and know your customer (KYC) offerings through its Global Payment Orchestration Platform. With this partnership, Veriff expedites the IDV process for MassPay and its growing customer base, while ensuring compliance with KYC and know your business (KYB) regulations.

Veriff’s AI-driven identity verification technology will be made accessible through MassPay’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform, enabling customers to quickly and effectively verify identities while meeting KYC and KYB requirements to ensure compliance. Veriff provides best-in-class KYC verification with its video-first technology and offers an extra layer of protection for users through location verification.

“MassPay empowers organizations with dispersed workforces, contractors, partners, and other business relationships to execute frictionless payouts,” said Jeff Katz, co-founder and CEO of MassPay. “Identity verification plays a pivotal role in our comprehensive KYB processes. With Veriff’s identity verification capabilities, we can efficiently execute complex procedures, allowing our customers to quickly and easily onboard, while addressing the increasing diversity of payout types and locations.”

MassPay’s Global Payment Orchestration Platform allows their customers to make payouts to over 175 countries in over 70 local currencies, including cryptocurrencies. The company makes it easier for companies to facilitate global payments that meet their payee’s local preferences, and services organizations across a range of industries including eCommerce, healthcare, education, direct selling, and more.

“The last few years triggered a dramatic evolution within the online payments industry, leading to increasingly stringent regulations to address the growing need to onboard more customers safely and securely,” said Janer Gorohhov, co-founder and CPO of Veriff. “We’re excited to partner with MassPay to bring our industry leading identity verification capabilities to their customers and enable them to integrate KYC capabilities to their payments solutions quickly and cost-effectively.”

For more information about our partnership, please visit us at

About MassPay
MassPay’s global payout orchestration platform enables our customers to facilitate payouts to individuals (B2C) and businesses (B2B) in over 175 countries and over 70 currencies worldwide. Frictionless cross-border payout orchestration is delivered via one simple API, an industry-leading Know Your Business (KYB) process and the confidence of a premiere global financial partner network. Learn more at

About Veriff
Veriff is the preferred identity verification partner for the world’s biggest and best digital companies. We provide advanced technology, deep insights and expertise from our foundation in digital-first Estonia and honed over decades in leading the digital identity revolution. The partner of choice for businesses who need to rapidly and effortlessly verify online users from anywhere in the world, Veriff delivers the widest possible identity document coverage. To learn more, visit

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Veriff Inc


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