vantage fit hosted a webcast on The Pearl Dream Inc

Vantage Fit Hosts Webcast to Promote Employee Well-being featuring MantraCare

Vantage Fit hosted a webcast on mental wellbeing

Industry Experts Address the Importance of Employee well-being and Mental Health in a Webcast

The key aspect lies in promoting a culture that fosters support, aiming to reduce stress and burnout.”

— Anjan Pathak, Co-Founder and CTO of Vantage Circle

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, June 22, 2023/ — Vantage Fit, an AI-empowered employee wellness platform, also one of the products of Vantage Circle, hosted its Vantage Fit webcast on 16th June 2023. The session shed light on the critical aspects of employee well-being and the significance of fostering a mentally healthy work environment.

The webcast, titled “Mental Health at Work: Embracing a Positive View” featured industry experts who shared insights and best practices for promoting mental well-being in the workplace. It aimed to address the rising concerns surrounding mental health in the workplace and equip organizations with strategies to support their employees’ overall well-being.

The guests for the episode included Himanshu Jain, Co-founder and wellbeing lead of MantraCare and Anjan Pathak, CTO and co-founder of Vantage Circle.

In the session, Himanshu Jain shared valuable insights into employees’ mental health challenges, especially in the context of stress, burnout and anxiety. Anjan Pathak highlighted the various initiatives implemented by Vantage Circle to promote employee well-being.

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According to Himanshu Jain, Co-founder and Well-being Lead of MantraCare, “In today’s scenario, attrition, absenteeism, and decreased productivity is increasing. Stress is one of the key factors of employee attrition. We should help the employees take care of their stress management which will help to get more productivity in the workplace. To address this, it is crucial to identify employees who are experiencing such issues through proper assessments. Additionally, implementing well-being programs like yoga and meditation in the workplace can effectively reduce stress.”

According to Anjan Pathak, CTO and Co-Founder of Vantage Circle, “Both mental health and physical health hold equal importance, although mental health is more critical or complex than physical health. When an employee’s mental health becomes stressful their productivity tends to decrease. To prioritize mental well-being, it is essential to establish a supportive environment where employees can thrive. The key aspect lies in promoting a culture that fosters support, aiming to reduce stress and burnout.”

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