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Unleashing the Power of SANI-TRED® to Seal Manholes


Before and after of manhole sealing

Before and after of manhole sealing

SAINT MARYS, OH, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/ — In the realm of infrastructure and wastewater management, manholes play a crucial role in maintaining efficient sewer systems. To ensure their longevity and prevent leakages, it is vital to invest in reliable and effective sealing solutions. This article explores the remarkable benefits of SANI-TRED and its role in transforming the way manholes are sealed.

Manholes serve as access points to underground sewer systems, allowing for inspection, maintenance, and repair works. However, if left unsealed or improperly sealed, they can become a source of numerous problems. Unsealed manholes are susceptible to infiltration of groundwater, which can overload the wastewater system, leading to increased treatment costs and potential environmental contamination. Additionally, unsealed manholes may release foul odors, attract pests, and pose safety hazards to both workers and the public.

SANI-TRED® can be applied to various manhole materials, including concrete, brick, and metal, making it a versatile solution for different infrastructure projects. It adheres strongly to the substrate and can accommodate structural movements, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The application process of SANI-TRED® is straightforward, making it suitable for both experienced professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It eliminates the need for complex equipment or multiple layers, reducing labor costs and project timelines.

SANI-TRED®’s Fusion to the concrete surface allows SANI-TRED® PERMAFLEX™ to retain negative hydrostatic pressure at the microscopic level to eliminate “weeping” before the water pressure has an opportunity to reach the Permaflex coating membrane surface, accumulate behind the main sealing membrane surface, create blisters and eventually fail as experienced with other coatings that have attempted to retain negative hydrostatic waterproofing or “TANKING”. These “tentacles” work like small, high-pressure O-rings for a manhole cover seal! The tentacles anchor, lock to the concrete and protect the actual PERMAFLEX™ from ever delaminating or blistering.

In a recent infrastructure project, SANI-TRED® was implemented to seal a series of deteriorated manholes. The project involved cleaning and preparing the manholes, followed by the application of SANI-TRED® products. The liquid rubber technology seamlessly sealed the manholes, providing an impermeable barrier against water infiltration. The project’s success showcased SANI-TRED®‘s ability to extend the lifespan of manholes while minimizing maintenance requirements.

When it comes to sealing manholes, investing in a reliable and effective solution is crucial to ensure the integrity of wastewater systems. SANI-TRED® products offer a game-changing approach to manhole sealing, providing unmatched durability, chemical resistance, and waterproofing capabilities.

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