Uganda: Govt Threatens to Hire New Medics If Striking Doctors Don’t Go Back to Work

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The government has threatened to hire new doctors to replace the striking ones.

The government has stated that while it is committed to resolving the issues raised by the striking doctors but that patient care cannot be compromised in the process.

The strike by the special grade doctors has caused significant disruptions to the healthcare system in Uganda, with many patients unable to access medical care.

The situation has sparked a heated debate in the public calling on both the government and the striking doctors to find a solution to the impasse.

Uganda Medical Association has had negotiations with the government on numerous occasions before the release of the new salary structure to correct salary discrepancies for Medical Officer Special Grade following a presidential directive to increase salaries for all health workers.

Following the meeting at the office of the Prime Minister, salary discrepancies for other cadres which are reflected in the draft salary structure were corrected and that of the Medical Officer Special Grade was left out.

Medical Officer Special Grade staff currently earn shillings six million per month but want their pay increased to shillings 11 million.

According to the secretary general of the association Dr. Herbert Luswata, “It is unfortunate that even after this matter has been discussed by cabinet, it has not got the attention it deserves.”

Yesterday, May 10, government issued an ultimatum to striking medical doctors of the special grade to return to work or face disciplinary action.

The government accused the striking doctors of neglecting their duties and causing unnecessary suffering to patients.

The special grade doctors are senior medical officers, who have been on strike since March 9, 2023 to demand better pay and working conditions.

They argue that they are being paid less than doctors of similar rank in the region.

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