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Uganda: Entrepreneurs Tipped On How to Overcome Challenges Faced in Becoming Investor Ready

Experts from Goldstone Enterprise Consulting and Training Limited have expressed commitment towards mentoring Ugandan entrepreneurs to develop their businesses to the point where they are attractive to investors.

The remarks were made as the company hosted investment readiness training at the 8 Winx Hotel in Ntinda.

The training aimed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure investment for their businesses, and was attended by a diverse group of individuals from various sectors and industries.

Experts noted that many entrepreneurs in Uganda lack the necessary skills and knowledge to develop their businesses to the point where they are attractive to investors.

Ugandan entrepreneurs often face significant challenges when it comes to securing investment for their businesses.

One of the main reasons for this is that their businesses are not investor-ready, according to experts.

Daniel Bukenya Yiga, the Managing Director of Goldstone Enterprise Consulting and Training Ltd said they are working towards changing this narrative in Uganda.

“Our investment readiness training equips entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge they need to take their businesses to the next level and attract investment,” he said.

Yiga emphasised that the investment readiness training was just the beginning of a long-term support program for the entrepreneurs.

Over the next three months, participants will receive continuous support in preparing company profiles, financial management, investor pitching, creating marketing strategies, and route to market.

This support, according to experts, will enable the entrepreneurs to meet potential investors and partners and help them get listed in investor deal books.

The training was designed to provide practical tools and resources to help businesses attract and secure investments, and the follow-up support will ensure that the entrepreneurs can put their newfound knowledge and skills into practice.

With the support of Goldstone Enterprise Consulting and Training Ltd, Yiga said Ugandan entrepreneurs can overcome the challenges they face in becoming investor ready and access the capital they need to grow and succeed.

Dison Kareng, the Chief Eruptive Officer(CEO) of Bros Coffee Uganda Limited said the training has exposed loopholes in his organisation that have previously prevented them from getting partners, investors, and funding to grow and expand their business.

“I am confident that with the continuous support provided over the next three months, we will be able to address these gaps and become investor-ready. We plan to apply for grants, capital, and partnerships to elevate Bros Coffee Uganda Limited to the next level and contribute to the development of the Ugandan economy,” he said.

The successful entrepreneurs who underwent the investment readiness training will now join the pool of investable businesses, making it easier for them to onboard investor programmes such as the USAID-Strategic Investment Activity (SIA), ACELI Africa, and Pearl Capital Partners.

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