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Trade Unionist Concerned about Impact of Digital Banking on Older People

During the recently concluded delegates convention, Senator David Massiah, the General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union, expressed concerns about the impact of digital banking on the elderly.

He highlighted that the links being established between the African Union, China, and Russia and the bonding between Africa and the Caribbean, particularly the formation of the digital bank, could be a game-changer.

However, he also mentioned that this new trend in banking has already affected our society in various ways and continues to do so.

“One can appreciate the convenience of banking functions being available however, much of this new digital banking is a struggle for our seniors and their cash deposits. The geopolitical atmosphere which we are currently experiencing is fraught with threats around which we have to navigate.

“One of the major threats is the impact on the American dollar, which is so important to our economies as any significant increases in the cost of doing business would prove very harmful to our cost of living in Antigua and our workers’ stability,” he said

Senator Massiah has expressed concern about the impact of the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on workers. According to Massiah, AI is expected to grow annually by 37.3% from 2023 to 2030, which could have serious ramifications for workers.

With the development of robust computer systems, larger storage capacities, and faster data processing speeds, machines can now automate tasks that humans previously did. As a result, workers are being displaced by these machines, Senator Massiah said

“This automation saves time and money and increases efficiency and accuracy…Workers beware! However, the role of a well-trained communications officer on the Union’s team becomes of extreme significance.  We need to ensure that our governments introduce AI into our society to effect positive changes including improved healthcare and increased access to education which would empower us to think creatively and push the boundaries of human knowledge and achievement. We ALL have to get on board and recognize that the role of AI is to replace humans in the future,” he added

Global warming was another issue highlighted by Senator Massiah, who told those gathered that the entire world is now being exposed to the threat of Global warming.

“The dangerous hurricanes, heatwaves, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic activities are all taking place and wreaking havoc worldwide. Warmer temperatures over time are changing weather patterns and disrupting the usual balance of nature,” he said

According to him, this poses many risks to human beings and all other forms of life on Earth. 

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