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The Way to Happiness Foundation recognizes Black fathers’ importance, dispels negative stereotypes at annual motorcade

Cars lining up in the motorcade to start driving through Washington, DC, to promote Black Fathers Matter on Father’s Day

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Ms. District of Columbia viewing The Way to Happiness with a volunteer at the Black Fathers Matter fair

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Motorcyclists in front of the African American Civil War Museum promote Black Fathers Matter as part of the Father’s Day motorcade

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Some participants in the Black Fathers Matter event at the start of the motorcade

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Free information about The Way To Happiness and copies of the booklet are available at

The Way to Happiness guide promotes message on parenting, aligning with powerful message of Black Fathers Matter Father’s Day motorcade and fair

Today’s children will become tomorrow’s civilization… They need love and help to make it.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, The Way to Happiness author

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 21, 2023/ — The Way to Happiness Foundation joined with The Black Fathers Matter Project, created by the DC Black History Celebration Committee and more than a dozen civil rights, religious and community organizations, to ensure that every Father’s Day says “Black fathers matter” and to dispel negative stereotypes about Black fathers.

On Father’s Day, the fourth annual Black Fathers Matter motorcade commenced from the African American Civil War Monument and Museum and weaved its way throughout the neighborhoods of Washington, DC. It ended at the RFK Stadium where there were music, community groups and a health fair giving free medical tests and information.

The Black Fathers Matter Project’s annual motorcade is held to recognize Black fathers, to convey how important Black fathers are and how they make a positive difference in their children’s lives.

Speaking about the purpose of the project, Charles “Chuck” Hicks, chair of the DC Black Fathers Matter Project, said, “We need to remember that many of the unarmed men that were killed at the hands of the police, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Ahmaud Arbery, were fathers, sons, uncles or brothers.” Those wishing to participate were urged to display black balloons or black ribbons in front of their homes or any visible location in solidarity with Black fathers.

WUSA9 News interviewed Major Lewis of the DC Black History Celebration Committee, who said, “There’s always been the narrative that Black fathers are absent, missing, not participative. We clearly knew there was an opportunity to refute that narrative and to celebrate those fathers that are present.”

Motorcyclist Dave Stevens has been part of the motorcade before and says he does it for the kids. “For me honestly, it’s the youth. Everybody needs somebody to look up to… something positive,” Stevens said.

The Way to Happiness Foundation echoed that message at their booth at the fair and by disseminating booklets with information on living a happier life through positive family involvement. One of the 21 precepts (rules of conduct) from the common sense guide to better living The Way to Happiness is Love and Help Children. In this guide author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard says, “Today’s children will become tomorrow’s civilization. Bringing a child into the world today is a little bit like dropping one into a tiger’s cage. Children can’t handle their environment and they have no real resources. They need love and help to make it,” and further, “The way to happiness has on its route the loving and the helping of children from babyhood to the brink of adult life.”

It is easy to look at the precept and find common sense in it. Then if this is missing in a child’s life, it can also make it easier to put this missing element back in simply by giving more love and help and guidance to children.

The message goes both ways from parents to children and also from children to parents. “Honor and Help Your Parents” is another precept in The Way to Happiness in which L. Ron Hubbard explains, “In spite of all, one must remember that they are the only parents one has. And as such, no matter what, one should honor them and help them.” He concludes, “The way to happiness includes being on good terms with one’s parents or those who brought one up.”

The Way to Happiness Foundation was established following the publishing of the book in 1981 to promote the guide and its positive messages. Acting as a resource center to assist the public with distribution projects bringing about needed changes in businesses, communities and entire regions, the foundation is supported by a growing global network of The Way to Happiness offices that forward the book into circulation across all sectors of society.

To date, some 100 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been distributed in more than 114 languages and in over 170 countries.

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