“The Hand That Feeds” Gets a Digital Release on Demand, Now Streaming on VUDU and Spectrum

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the hand that feeds poster

The Hand That Feeds Poster

Distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media, the award-winning 2021 horror mystery thriller, “The Hand That Feeds”, is now available on OTT platforms.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Blair Smith’s second narrative feature directorial, “The Hand That Feeds”, is now available on digital streaming platforms VUDU and Spectrum, only a few days after the public announcement was made by the official digital distributor, Porter + Craig Film and Media. The film will soon be released on other leading OTT platforms, covering audiences worldwide.

The horror genre film takes viewers into the troubled relationship of a son and father that at first seems like any other until things take a life-changing turn for the former as the father passes away, leaving a bar to inherit. Already struggling to find a worthy meaning to life, Russell takes on the opportunity to help find an ambition, unaware that destiny had other plans in store for him and trouble was nowhere near an end. Aghast at his father’s past, to his consternation, a demon appears upstairs in his bar that feeds on humans. Dejected and hopeless, Russell, in the survival of the fittest exchange, surrenders to the demand of the demon, but it is not long before the dark secret is at risk of revelation.

Written by Wesley Johnson, the film was selected to premiere at the Zeitgeist North by North Film Festival. It was an audience favorite with a string of sold-out shows, which was also the moment when the buzz around its digital release picked up pace among lovers of the horror genre. This was the first international recognition for the film among many that followed. It was officially selected for the premiere at the Twin Cities Film Festival and Shockfest Silver Screen. The film is produced by Christopher J. LaFleur, previously best known for the narrative feature ‘Area of Conflict’, an action film also produced in North East Minnesota, and is widely available on streaming platforms.

“The Hand That Feeds” continued to garner critical acclaim for its gripping storyline and exceptional performances, winning the Best Minnesota-Made Horror Feature award at the Crypticon Shockfest & Cryptic Awards. It also received an honorable mention at the Big Bear Film Summit, further cementing its standing as a top recommendation for a must-see horror film.

“As an independent filmmaking lot, we have a lot of constraints to cater to: budget, cast, crew, shooting, and basically everything that sounds like a necessity becomes less accessible. Director Blair Smith was very keen when we first approached him, which was honestly our first breakthrough to make this possible. The next step was to assemble a talented cast and crew, and we specifically sought out newcomers because we wanted The Hand That Feeds to be an equal-opportunity project. We have grown big ever since, and the global digital release is truly one of many milestones in the film’s journey.” – Production Team.

The film stars Nicolas Sullivan in the lead role, a native Minnesotan who has been doing theater and short films for a while; the film is his first big breakthrough as a lead in a full-length feature film. His co-lead, Tricia Buerke, is a newcomer in the industry who has already been impressive with her choice of roles.

The award-winning American actor, writer, and director Chris Mulkey also play a significant role in the film alongside Brian Sams, Paul Economon, Brian ‘el Chivo’ Nelson, Eric M. Johnson, Sally Anne Hunt, Liam Trujillo Hage, Dale R. Botten, Justin Pöwers, and Matt Rasmussen, who are seen in supporting roles.

For more details, please visit The Hand that Feeds (2021) on IMDb.

The 2021 horror mystery thriller “The Hand That Feeds” is now available to stream on VUDU and Spectrum, with other leading OTT platforms to follow. Distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media, the film is directed by Blair Smith, previously known for “The Curse of Raven Heights” and “Perdition.”

Porter + Craig is one of the newest and most exciting partnership ventures in independent film and TV sales (based primarily in Beverly Hills with connections in Washington DC and Atlanta), with two youthful but experienced industry veterans joining forces to take digital development to the next level.

Sharry Flaherty
Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution

The Hand That Feeds Trailer


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