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Texas Songwriter Jim Wyly Showcases the Depth & Diversity of his Sound, With Brand New Album ‘Eclectic Tales’

Eclectic Tales Cover

A Diverse Collection Of Stories and Styles. Release October 12th

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, September 14, 2023/ — Strong grooves and organic musicianship warmly support the aptly ‘Eclectic Tales’ of the new album from indie music extraordinaire Jim Wyly.

Featuring the sublime additional vocals of Grammy-Nominated Libby Koch, the project secures Jim’s role within the everlasting embrace of Folk and Americana.

Beginning with the rhythm and melodic passion of ‘Don’t Lose Yourself’, ‘Eclectic Tales’ is quick to establish itself as a stylish, catchy yet thoughtfully fresh collection. Backed by forty years in music, Texas stronghold Jim Wyly has meandered between various threads of creativity, balancing life as effectively as possible. If a hiatus emerged, the stage would soon call him back – a cycle that led to the stories and warming sounds of ‘Eclectic Tales’.

Following on from the timeless embrace of his last album ‘The Artisan’, ‘Eclectic Tales’ blends aspects of Soul, Folk and Americana in a way that feels consistent with each changing topic and emotional backdrop.

Releasing October 12th, ‘Eclectic Tales’ delivers evocative gems like ‘I’m Flying’, sultry upbeat soul-rock tracks like ‘Seize the Day’, and easy pop-rock anthems like ‘Always Found My Way’. The release promises a nostalgic and versatile playlist, largely vocal-driven, and with a crisp contemporary twang and reflective sentiments to connect on a deeply human level.

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