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Tanzania: Ttcl Targets 6 Pc Market Share

TTCL Corporation is planning to increase its market share by going both in rural and urban areas.

The telecom, full-owned by the government, is targeting to increase its market share from current 2.0 per cent to 6.0 per cent at the end of this year.

TTCL, Acting Commercial Director, Laibu Leonard, they would reach their target by rolling fast services to reach the mass at affordable rates.

“We are going fast to ensure Tanzanians get the best communication services from TTCL,” Mr Leonard told journalists when announcing the reintroduction of old internet bundles, yesterday.

According to Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) the firm managed to increase its customer base by4.5 per cent from 921,367 at the end of last September to 963,384 last December, out of 51,292,702 country’s subscribers.

TTCL, as per TCRA data, had a market share of 2.0 per cent at the beginning of the last year but dropped to 1.0 per cent in second quarter before climbing to 2.0 per cent in third and fourth quarters.

Also, Mr Leonard said they had partnered with Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF) to bring tele-services to the rural areas.

“TTCL have covered a large part of the villages in the country but the service is poor compared to the urban areas,” Mr Leonard said: The goal is to reach all Tanzanians with the best possible service”.

TTCL said their partnership with UCSAF would help them achieving some of their goals in near future. UCSAF is thirteen years old, government fund established to ensure that all villages in the country received tele-services.

Meanwhile, TTCL has completed the process of rejuvenating the price of old internet packages to the system as per TCRA directive.

“We issued new internet package prices on April 2, but we managed to go back to the old package prices on the next day,” Mr Leonard said.

TTCL is the oldest and the only fixed line telecommunications company in Tanzania. The company comes forth from the former Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Corporation in 1993.