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Tanzania: Dse Equity Market Turnover Down By 2 Per Cent in March

THE Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) total equity market turnover has slightly dropped by almost 2.0 per cent in March in comparison to the previous month of February.

The bourse a monthly report issued Monday, which covered activities to last Friday, showed that the March equity turnover dropped to 6.48bn/- from 6.60bn/- from February.

The turnover of the DSE equity market is normally pushed up by foreign investors’ participation, which was vice versa in this month.

“Domestic investors contributed 63 per cent of total transactions while foreign participation stood at 37 per cent in March,” DSE report said. On other hand, debt market trading volume appreciated profoundly by 55.8 per cent in March compared to February.

The bond market trading volume climbed to 186.12bn/- in March from 119.46bn/-.

“The participation of institutional investors contributed 60 per cent of liquidity while individual 40 per cent,” DSE report said.

The report also showed that most investors preferred mostly Treasury bonds for 20 years and 15 years and slightly 10 years and 7 years.

During the month under review, CRDB Bank dominated the bourse’s equity market trading moving 41.6 per cent worth 2.69bn/- of total traded shares.

The lender was followed by NMB Bank with 25.3 per cent valued 1.7bn/- while TBL, the largest brewer, came third with 22 per cent contribution worth 1.42bn/-.

TCC, cigarette maker, was fourth on the list with 3.9 per cent value 0.25bn/- and the fifth was DSE 3.1 per cent at 0.20 per cent. Others with lower percentage were Jatu, Twiga, Swissport, Nicol, Simba and Vodacom.

Total equity market capitalization increased by 1.7 per cent to 15.584tri/- from 15.32tri/- on monthly basis.

DSE report attributed the increase to share prices appreciation of NMG by 13.43 per cent, KCB Bank 8.64 per cent, DSE 5.80 per cent, CRDB 4.50 per cent, Jubilee Holding 1.8 per cent and EABL 0.57 per cent.

The domestic market cap slight by 0.4 per cent to 9.249tri/- from 9.225tri/-. The bourse had a total of 13.538tri/- listed bonds of which government were 13.418tri/- and corporate 120.1bn/-.