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Tahche successfully holds F.A.S.T Conference 2023 

Tahche held the F.A.S.T Conference: Get to Know the Future of Work and job fair for the benefit of aspiring employees, current talents, and clients.

CEBU CITY, CEBU, PHILIPPINES, May 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Tahche, a leading provider of offshoring solutions, triumphantly hosted the F.A.S.T Conference: Get to Know the Future of Work and job fair online event via Tahche Careers’ official Youtube Channel last May 13, 2023, Saturday,

This exceptional gathering aimed to share valuable insights on the groundbreaking innovations that are shaping the work landscape and to provide guidance to employees and businesses alike on how to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving environment. 

The conference featured esteemed industry leaders and professionals, including our very own Bryan Luoma, CEO of Tahche, Allan Ngo, founder of Digital Solopreneur, Joel Pamo, CS Manager of Tahche and certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and a panel comprising Thea Peralta and MJ Tapia, hybrid workers and entrepreneurs extraordinaire. 

Allan Ngo, the first speaker of the event, captivated the audience by highlighting the potential of ChatGPT as a powerful tool for enhancing content creation and work management through automation. He addressed concerns about job displacement caused by new technologies, emphasizing that they should be viewed as tools that level the playing field for individuals with diverse skill sets. By relieving employees of mundane tasks and boosting work output, these technologies enable the workforce to engage in higher-level work, such as entrepreneurship and leadership roles.

Bryan Luoma, CEO of Tahche, also took the opportunity to talk about Tahche’s vision of empowering Filipino workers with improved employment opportunities. Aligning with the event’s theme, he discussed how Tahche revolutionizes the way Filipino offshore employees work by providing fair compensation, safety nets, and benefits mandated by the Philippine government. Distancing from unsustainable freelancing practices, Tahche ensures employees are taken care of so they can, in turn, take care of their employers’ needs through exceptional service. 

“We are trying to become a platform where you can submit your resumes and have that same user experience but also get a real job out of it. You know get a job where you can have an employment agreement, have a job where you can get paid overtime, have a job where you can go on maternity leave and bereavement leave, and all those other social safety nets that the Filipino people require.” – Bryan Luoma, CEO, Tahche

Third on the list of speakers is Joel Pamo who shared valuable insights on effective career planning and the use of certifications to enhance professional opportunities. He stressed the importance of upskilling and how certifications serve as a testament to an applicant’s skills and ability to stay abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. He also highlighted the importance of pursuing one’s passion to achieve genuine success.

Wrapping up the event, Thea Peralta and MJ Tapia took the stage to talk about the future of work setups. Drawing from their personal experiences, they shed light on the challenges of remote team work and emphasized the significance of regular meetings and a reliable work calendar to ensure efficient collaboration among team members.

The event also included an online job fair, in which viewers can send their applications and resumes to Tahche’s HR representatives, receive an immediate response, and get screened and interviewed, all within the the same day.

F.A.S.T. Conference: Get to Know the Future of Work was a resounding success joined by hundreds of Filipino professionals across the country. Resumes of applicants who wish to further their careers through international employment with Tahche were also received and processed without a hitch. Once more, Tahche’s pool of amazing Filipino talents have grown to better provide businesses’ offshoring needs.

Even as the nature of work evolves, Tahche will continue to ensure offshore employees and employers alike are informed, resilient, and able to thrive. If you want to learn more about our offshore team building services and our app coming this autumn, contact us or visit our website here: https://tahche.ph/

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F.A.S.T. Conference 2023

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