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Great Books to Read with Your Kids in February

great books to read with your kids in february

February is full of days that give us the opportunity to introduce some incredible books to kids. From Groundhog’s day, Valentine’s day, President’s day and more, the possibilities keep on piling up. To help you find some new gems for your library, I have put together a list of great books to read with your kids in February.

Great Books to Read with Your Kids in February-This month is full of days that give us the opportunity to introduce some incredible books to kids. Here are great books to read with your kids in February!

Reading aloud to and with your kids is important. Not only does it give them the ability to expand their language skills but it also gives us a chance to teach our kids about different subjects and situations.  The only hard part about reading to your kids is discovering new (and old) favorites. This list will help you find the perfect choices for your family so you can get down to the important part… reading stories.

Great Books to Read in February

Groundhog’s Day Off: This story starts with the groundhog going on vacation. But who will take his spot when it is time to predict the end of winter?

Groundhog’s Dilemma: All of the animals in the forest believe that groundhog can control the weather. But once the weather doesn’t change, groundhog has to tell them the truth.

The Story of Snow The Science of Winter’s Wonderland: If your kids have ever asked you about how a snowflake forms or how does it get so cold, this book is the perfect way to get the answer to all of those questions.

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Sweet nothings are paired up with the adorable illustrations of Eric Carle. The perfect Valentine’s day book for any kiddo of every age.

I Love You to the Moon and Back: An adorable way to show your kids just how much you love them.



Foxy in Love: Find out just what Valentine’s day means thanks to Foxy and his creative way.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!: From the author that brought you; If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, brings another adorable tale to the table with this Valentine’s day story.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!: Get ready for some giggles with this fun book.

I Love You Stinky Face: A hilarious book that shows just how much a mom can love their children…. even if they are swamp monsters.



A Picture Book of Rosa Parks: This book follows Rosa Park’s life from childhood to adulthood. It is a great way to take an indepth look into her life. For younger kiddos, I am Rosa Parks, is the perfect way to introduce this incredible women.

President’s Day: A great story about a play that kids put on during class to learn about the Presidents of the United States. The story also ends with an election that takes place in the classroom.

Thomas Jefferson for Kids: Learn all about Thomas Jefferson and how he came to be President.

Jurassic Classics: The Presidential Masters of Prehistory: This book brings dinosaurs and presidents together to share a story during prehistoric times. I know everyone will laugh at some of these characters names including Theodore Rexevelt and Abraham Lincolnator.

Animals Hibernating: How do animals survive during the winter? Discover the answers in this book.



The Hibernating House: Step inside the hibernating house where things change every season and a family makes memories.

Baby Bear’s Not Hibernating: Read this book to find out what happens when baby bear decides hibernating isn’t for him.

Over and Under the Snow: Go on a cross country ski trip where you will discover what animals are hibernating under the snow.

Animals in Winter: This classic book has been given a makeover. A must have for every home library.

Hibernation Station: This is a good book to introduce younger kids to hibernating animals. A sweet story that will hopefully help your kiddo fall asleep at night.

The Little House Collection: Since Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday is in February, this gives us the perfect opportunity to read the Little House books.



I can’t wait to get started on this list! There are so many wonderful books ready to be devoured. 

More Great Book Suggestions:



 Great Books to Read with Your Kids in February

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Huge List of Valentine’s Day Ideas, Printables, and Activities

huge list of valentines day ideas printables and activities
Valentines Day ideas

 It’s the time of year for hearts, flowers and chocolates, and you are probably here because you’re looking for some special ways to celebrate the sweethearts in your life: whether that means your kids, spouse, or friends! Today we are bringing you the biggest collection ever of fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your home (and, of course, in your homeschool.) Here, you’ll find links to a huge variety of printable Valentine’s Day cards,  plenty of Valentine’s Day themed learning activities, and articles with practical tips on how show love and kindness–on Valentine’s Day or any time of year!  Enjoy!

Valentines Day ideas

Printable Valentines

From printable valentines for your significant other, to crafty Valentine’s Day cards to assemble with your kids, we have all different kinds of printable valentines for you to enjoy.

Two Weeks of Valentines for Couples 

HHM Valentines for Couples FB 2

It’s always a nice surprise for your significant other when you make the time to show some extra thoughtfulness. This printable includes two weeks worth of cute and sweet valentines that you can print out and share with your spouse or sweetie in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Free Printable Valentines for You

Love You to the Moon Valentines Cards

This post includes links to three different sets of printable Valentine’s Day cards, tags, and stationery that would be perfect to share with friends, kids, or even your significant other.

Cute Woodland Animal Valentines for Girls and Boys

OPC Cute Woodland Animal Valentines for Girls and Boys FB 1000x523 1

This fun DIY activity includes adorable printable components and instructions so that kids can make their own woodland animal themed Valentine’s Day cards . These are perfect cards for kids to make and share with other kids!

Shakespeare Valentine’s Day Cards 

OPC Shakespeare Valentines Cards FB 1

Borrow some classic words from The Bard, himself, this Valentine’s Day with these Shakespeare-inspired printable valentines! This would be fun to incorporate into a unit on Shakespeare!

Crafts and Activities

Looking for some fun, hands-on ideas to enjoy during this sweet season? Try some of the crafts and activities below!

Adorable Valentine’s Day Craft: Plush Heart in Matchbox

adorable valentines day craft 4

Kids often are fascinated by miniature items, which is why they’ll love getting to create this tiny plush heart and the little box that goes with it!

Torn & Sewn Paper Hearts Valentine Tutorial 

Torn Sewn Paper Heart Tutorial 275x200 1

This craft is simple, cost-effective (you probably have everything you need at home), and the end result is beautiful!

“I Feel Love When…” Valentine’s Day Craft

ifeellovewhencraft4 768x511 1

This family-friendly activity is a great way to refocus on the little things that make each family member feel loved and valued.

Inkblot Valentines

better header image pinnable

This fun activity results in some cool Valentine’s Day inspired abstract art!

“Love Calendar” Valentine’s Day Craft

love calendars1

This calendar craft offers an important reminder that acts of love are important every day.

Adorable Pom Pom Love Bugs

OPC Pom Pom Love Bugs FB 1

Younger kids will especially enjoy making and playing with these adorable pom-pom love bugs with this simple tutorial.

Valentine’s Day Canvas Art for Tweens

Valentines Day Canvas Art for Tweens

Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day craft for slightly older kiddos? Check this one out! 

Quick and Easy Kid-Made Valentine’s Day Banner

Pinnable Image

Make your own festive Valentine’s Day decor by recreating this simple banner!

Collections of Even More Ideas

Below you’ll find even more collections of Valentine’s Day printables and educational info!

Valentine’s Day Printables

valentines day printables 990x990 1

This list has Valentine’s Day printables from all around the Web.

More Valentine’s Day Printables 

more valentines day printables 990x990 1

This article contains more variety if you’d like more printable options!

Even More Valentine’s Day Printables, Activities, and Ideas

and even more valentines day materials square

This article links to (you guessed it) even more Valentine’s Day inspired printables, activities and worksheets for you to enjoy.

The Ultimate Collection of Valentine’s Day Activities

HHM Ultimate Collection of Valentines Day 768x768 1

This collection has all kinds of fun hands-on Valentine’s Day activities (some of them mentioned other places in this list, and some not). Explore it to find some creative activities to use in your homeschool this month!

Valentine’s Day-Related Lessons and Units

If you’re wanting to bring some heart-day cheer into everyday lessons, you can use the activities and units below as part of your homeschool line up over the next few weeks!

Valentine’s Day Activities, Lessons, and Printables 

HHM Freebie Friday Valentines Day January 2016

This article contains a big list of Valentine’s Day-themed learning activities around the Web. 

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World

OPC Valentine Traditions Around the World FB 1

Kids of any age can learn about how other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day with this printable! 

Valentine’s Day Fun with Numbers 1-20 

OPC Valentine Hearts Numbers 1 20 FB 1

Use this activity with Pre-K or Kindergarten-level children to practice writing numbers and counting!

Valentine’s Day Word Search

Grammar Word Search 400x600 1

This Valentine’s Word search is fun for all ages, and it includes the option to search out and sort nouns, verbs and adjectives!

Valentine’s Day Adjectives Word Wall

Copy of Copy of Christmas Nouns Word Wall Pinterest 4 400x600 1

This printable word wall is great for handwriting practice and introducing kids to the concept of adjectives! You can even laminate them  to use over and over again.

Valentine’s Day Verb Word Wall 

Copy of Copy of Christmas Nouns Word Wall Pinterest 2 400x600 1

If you’re introducing your student to verbs, you can use this Valentine’s Day-themed word wall as examples and also to practice handwriting skills!

Valentine’s Day Noun Word Wall

Copy of Copy of Christmas Nouns Word Wall Pinterest 400x600 1

Give your kids extra practice with recognizing nouns by using this printable word wall that features Valentine’s Day-inspired ones! Use this word wall in conjunction with the two listed above  (verbs and adjective word walls) and play a game where your child can sort each word into a group based on what part of speech it is.

Valentine’s Day Multiplication Practice

Valentines Day Multiplication Practice Worksheets FP 768x644 1

This printable offers multiplication drill practice with a heart-theme (just to remind them that you make them do drills because you love them)!

Valentine’s Day Math: Skip Counting Practice 

Valentines Day Skip Counting Practice Worksheets FP 768x644 1

This skip-counting packet is a great math activity for kids from 2nd- 5th grade! 

Valentine’s Day Addition Worksheets 

Valentines Day Addition 1 1 768x644 1

Working on addition facts? These heart-lined pages will make practice time a little bit sweeter. 

Valentine’s Day Themed Rhyming Pack 

Free rhyming printable pack for valentines day 370x500 1

This pack of rhyming words would be so much fun to use with your kiddos as you create your own sweet (or silly) Valentine’s Day poems.

Inspirational Articles and Related Information

These are articles just for you this Valentine’s Day, from helpful plans for V-Day events to encouragement for your heart.

My Broken and Tattered Valentine 

my broken and tattered valentine 990x661 1

A mom’s open letter to her family, from the heart. 

Happy Valentine’s Day (a poem for moms) 

HHM Valentines Day 2015

This sweet poem about a mother’s love can be downloaded, printed out, and shared on Valentine’s Day. 

Making a Memory Jar 

memory jar 768x576 1

This is a great idea to hang onto your favorite family memories and re-visit them on special occasions (like Valentine’s Day, or any time!)

Keeping Family Memories Alive and Organized 

family memories 768x519 1

This article goes along with the Memory Jar idea and shares creative ways to hang onto your favorite family moments.

How to Plan a Homeschool Valentine’s Day Party

Planning a Valentines Day party for your homeschool group doesnt have to be stressful. Try these

If you’d like to put together a gathering for local homeschoolers to together and celebrate Valentine’s Day, this guide is a great start to making a plan!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Teenagers 

Valentines Day Ideas for Teens and Tweens 768x401 1

This article shares some simple but meaningful ways to show your teens that they are loved and special on Valentine’s Day. 

Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Of course, we all love to enjoy a special treat on February 14th! Here are a few that are perfect for this holiday!

Yummy Strawberry Buttercream Surprise Cupcakes 

LTR Strawberry Buttercream Surprise Cupcakes FB 2

These tasty, pink cakes have a fun surprise inside that’s sure to delight your Valentines!

Instant Pot Valentine’s Day Bundt Cake 

LTR Instant Pot Valentines Day Bundt Cake FB 1

You can make cake in an Instant Pot?! That’s right, you can. This one is heart-shaped and ultra-chocolatey. 

3-Ingredient Strawberry Fudge for Valentine’s Day

LTR Strawberry Fudge FB 2

This super simple strawberry fudge recipe is unbelievably easy and tasty, all with a cheerful Valentine’s Day aesthetic. 

Keto Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fat Bombs 

chocolate covered strawberry fat bombs 1024x683 1

Just because you’ve been living low-carb doesn’t mean you can’t have a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day, too. This chocolate-covered-strawberry fat bomb will certainly hit the spot. 

Cupid’s Arrow Cupcakes

LTR Cupids Arrow Cupcakes FB 2

These cupid-inspired cupcakes look amazing but aren’t too hard to make. They’d be perfect for a children’s Valentine’s Day party!

Red Velvet Valentine’s Cake Pops 

Know that I love you to the moon and back 596x500 1

This classic flavor gets a quick makeover! These cake pops are kid-friendly and fun to make. 

Random Acts of Kindness for Valentine’s Day (or Any Time!)

Being kind is always cool, and it’s one of the most important things we can do to show our love to others. Here are a few articles about showing kindness to others (and helping our kids to do the same). 

10 Reasons to Do Random Acts of Kindness 

10 Reasons to Do Random Acts of Kindness 2

This article will help you stop and think about how random acts of kindness can be a positive influence in the world. 

30 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

30 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids Tweens and Teens

This article has some practical ideas for kids who are cultivating the art of kindness.

25 Random Acts of Kindness for Your Husband 

25 Random Acts of Kindness for Your Husband

When considering acts of kindness, the best place to start can be at home! This list contains 25 simple and practical ideas to show your spouse some love and support.

50 Random Acts of Kindness 

50 Random Acts of Kindness

This list of 50 acts of kindness will inspire you and get you thinking about ways to brighten someone else’s day!

50 More Random Acts of Kindness (That Can Be Done from Home) 

50 More Random Acts of Kindness

All of these acts of kindness can be done from home (which might be especially important this year if you are social distancing)! You don’t have to be on-the-go to be kind. 

Which of these ideas will you try? We hope these resources help make Valentine’s Day a sweet celebration for you and the people you love!