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Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern

peppermint pines quilt pattern

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And with my new beginner-friendly Christmas quilt pattern, Peppermint Pines, you can make your home even more festive!

Peppermint Pines finishes at 74″ x 86″ but it is so easy to add another row of blocks to make it even larger if you want to!

PeppermintPines coah
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 13

This quilt is so fast and easy it is great for beginners! It is traditionally pieced and comes together so fast. I think it took me three afternoons to make this whole thing, but I was binge watching Hallmark Christmas and listening Michael Buble so it could have been longer and I just didn’t notice! Because let’s face it, that man’s voice is hypnotic! I always tell my daughter you can’t help but be happy when Michael Buble is singing Christmas carols, am I right? But I digress…

With the craziness of 2020, I wanted go for a more cozy and traditional holiday vibe. And I think this quilt pattern is perfect!

Right now I have it hanging on my wall in our dining room as holiday decor, but honestly I’d love to take it down and cuddle with it by the fire too! Maybe add in a little hot cocoa and a good book? Sounds good to me!

PeppermintPines 10
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 14

I used a lovely print called Holliberry by Corey Yoder for Moda fabrics. I love the traditional feel of this line. It is kind of muted tones, but festive at the same time.

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Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 15

I was originally going to use it to make my Vintage Christmas quilt, pictured above, but decided to save it for Peppermint Pines and I’m so glad I did!

PeppermintPines 2
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 16
PeppermintPines 11
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 17
peppermintpines 1
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 18

I chose a nice subtle floral print from the line for the backing and then paired it with this lovely dark grey binding which really pops.

PeppermintPines 3
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 19

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my binding tip! If not, I wanted to show it here too. I always press my binding, then roll it up like shown below. Next, I place it on my thread holder on top of my Juki TL2000 Qi. Then I can pull it off as I go and it doesn’t get tangled on the floor or attacked by Jax (our curious kitty), while I’m sewing!

PeppermintPines 6
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 20

I also did my standard meander free motion quilt pattern on this quilt. It’s one of my go-to patterns and I just love meandering around my quilt as I go. I find it relaxing and really like to go slow and enjoy the process.

PeppermintPines 5
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 21
PeppermintPines 4
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 22

I am so happy with how this quilt turned out. I think it is simple and classic, and I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Ready to get started sewing? You can get my Peppermint Pines quilt pattern here!

PeppermintPines FB1
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 23

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Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern

knitmas beanie knit advent pattern

Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern is a post from Confessions of a Homeschooler. If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Erica on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+! Also be sure to stop by her Community to join the discussion or her Store to see her latest items!

Hi everyone! Last year for advent I created the Knitmas Cowl, and so this year, I wanted to do a matching Knitmas Beanie! The Knitmas Beanie is a super fun and fast project, and is perfect for your mini skeins or scraps you’ve been saving up! So many of you have asked for the pattern, so I so excited to be releasing it for you today!

KnitmasBeanie coah1
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 34

This pattern is so fun and easy, and I found that I looked forward to sitting down each night and knitting a new section.

I used Yarn Ink 2019 Advent Yarns for this project and I love how the colors came together. The pattern calls for either DK weight or fingering held double and it gives it a nice squishy texture perfect for cold wintry days!

KnitmasBeanie coah2
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 35

I love doing an advent project over the holidays. I’ve found it gives me something to look forward to each day and helps me to relax and enjoy the time as well. Like I mentioned I used my advent set of mini-skeins, however this would also be a great stash buster as well. Simply gather all of those bits and bobs you’ve saved from previous projects, and you’re all set to go!

KnitmasBeanie coah4
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 36

The finished size is perfect for a teen or adult with approximately a 20-22″ head circumference. I made a more fitted version, but the pattern includes an extra section if you’d like to make it slouchy.

Each section has a fun new texture to make it unique and it also gives this beanie a lovely squishy look too!

KnitmasBeanie coah5
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 37

The exact supplies needed are all listed in the pattern. But I wanted to mention my needles because they have made knitting a joy! As most knitters do, I started out with inexpensive needles from a local chain store. I found the cord very difficult to work with and I didn’t enjoy knitting at all! After several recommendations, I switched up to new needles. They’re a bit more pricey, but they really are worth the investment! 

KnitmasBeanie coah8
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 38

For this project I used Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles. They are my all time favorite needles, and the interchangeables are perfect for a variety of projects! I honestly haven’t found a better cord, the join is super smooth, and the tips are fast and fluid. Of course you can purchase them individually as well which makes the cost a bit more manageable. 

Of course I wanted to finish it off with a fun beanie! I think I’ve decided to go with the pink one, it’s from McPorter Farms and has a fun snap attachment so you can swap out the pots if you want to! The Grey one on the right is from Life’s Little Things Co in her Fox colorway. Both are so cute I had a hard time deciding!

KnitmasBeanie coah7
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 39

I really am happy with how these colors blended together! It’s quickly become one of my favorite hats!

Ready to get started? Click here to get the Knitmas Beanie pattern!

KnitmasBeanie coah9
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 40

And if you’re up for more of a challenge, check out my matching KNITMAS COWL pattern

KnitmasBeanie coah3
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 41
KnitmasBeanie coah10
Knitmas Beanie Knit Advent Pattern 42

NOTE: This is a PDF pattern download. You will not be mailed a hard copy of the pattern. To download your purchase visit my stop and click “My Account” then “View” on your purchase.

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The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern

the cumulus beanie knit pattern

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to release this new knit beanie pattern! I’m calling this The Cumulus Beanie after the soft, extra squishy soft grey yarn I used. 

The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 52

This one features a two different kinds of fun cables and it was so fun and quick to knit! I just may make more for Christmas presents this year! Everybody gets a beanie! Yay!

The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 53

Even though it looks complicated this pattern is still fairly easy. I would categorize it as a beginner/intermediate level just because you need to know how to use a cable needle.

The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 54

The instructions are very clear so as long as you know how to knit and purl you should be able to make this cute hat!

The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 55

I used a soft tonal grey from Juniper Moon Farm. This one is their Cumulus line in the Sandy Castle color way and it may just be one of my all time favorite yarns to knit with!

The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 56

You can add a pom or not, I think this beanie looks great either way! This delicious pom-pom is from Life’s Little Things Co in her Fox color way, it’s a size Large. It’s literally my all time favorite pom-pom!

The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 57


  • 4.5mm / US 7 – 16” circular needle 
  • 5mm / US 8 – 16” circular needle 
  • Tapestry/yarn needle (for weaving in ends) 


  • 1 skein DK weight yarn (100g)
  • Optional: Faux Fur Pom 

Sizing: Medium fit for teen/adult with 20”-22” head circumference.

Gauge: 16 stitches per 4 inches (approx. 4 sts per inch on non-stretched ribbed section)

The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 58

Click here to get the Cumulus Beanie Knit Hat Pattern and get started today!

cumulusbeanie 8
The Cumulus Beanie Knit Pattern 59

NOTE: This is a PDF DOWNLOAD. You will not be mailed a paper copy.

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Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern

farmhouse fall quilt pattern

Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern is a post from Confessions of a Homeschooler. If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Erica on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+! Also be sure to stop by her Community to join the discussion or her Store to see her latest items!

Hi friends! I have an easy beginner-friendly quilt pattern for you, and just in time for fall! My new Farmhouse Fall quilt pattern is F8 and FQ friendly and is super easy and fun!

farmhousefall coah1
Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern 66

The finished size of this quilt is 51″ x 72″ but you can of course add/remove blocks to make it larger or smaller to fit your needs best!

I named this quilt after the fabric I used, Farmhouse by FigTree. It’s one of my all-time favorite lines and I love just about anything I make using it! If you can’t find these fabrics, of course, FigTree Co. comes out with new and beautiful lines each year so check out some of their others!

Of course I had to go with this fun black and white dot print from FigTree as well! I think this was from their I love polka-dots don’t you?

farmhousefall coah2
Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern 67

And just for a fun twist on fall colors, I added in the beautiful aqua prints from the line. I think they make it still have that fall vibe but also add in a bit brighter and more modern colorful look.

I used a Fat Eighth bundle to make mine, but there are also instructions for Fat Quarters if you have those hanging around! Then you just need some background fabric, binding, and backing and you’re all set!

farmhousefall coah4
Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern 68

Catching Stitches quilt shop is working on a kit for Farmhouse Fall, so make sure to check her website if you’d like to get one!

I also chose to do a swirl quilting pattern on it. It reminds me of falling leaves! I’m not a professional quilter, so the pattern isn’t perfect, but honestly, I love how it turned out, and love the imperfect and random swirls!

farmhousefall coah3
Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern 69

If you’re looking for another fun fall quilt pattern, check out my Vintage Fall quilt pattern it’s so much fun!

Click here to get my new Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern!

farmhousefall coah1
Farmhouse Fall Quilt Pattern 70

And since it’s Friday and I wanted to spread a little weekend happiness, I’ve decided to do a GIVEAWAY for one of you! P.S. If you purchase the pattern now, and win the giveaway I will refund your purchase! Yay!

Enter to win a free copy of my new Farmhouse Fall pattern & Fabric Kit from Catching Stitches below!

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