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Teaching Over the Internet: It Can Be Done!

teaching over the internet it can be done
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There are so many ways of homeschooling our children! Some parents and children love working closely with each other while using hands-on activities, textbooks, printables, or living books. These parents may be able to spend the majority of their children’s school hours supervising or even directly working with their children. Other students enjoy being more independent and more responsible for their own school work. Or maybe both parents work and it’s necessary for the children to have input and guidance from someone other than Mom or Dad. Which way of homeschooling is better? It depends on your family! 


Right now, there are many children who are doing public-school-at-home because their schools aren’t open for in-person learning. There are other children who are doing homeschool programs because public-school-at-home (or even in-person learning at school) wasn’t working well.

Or maybe your children tried online learning through a public school and found that they didn’t get the time and attention they needed from the teacher. (We get it! It’s hard for a teacher to educate a room full of students, and it’s even harder if she’s trying to do it remotely!) So what can you do if you’re a parent who wants or needs an online homeschool program for your children? Or if your children prefer to do online classes?

First, you should know that online learning can be done successfully! The folks at Adirondack Learning Academy are committed to not only helping students feel successful and confident when it comes to their academic studies but also to providing quality curriculum with customized instruction for students in grades K-12.


The Adirondack Learning Academy coaches work to quickly develop a rapport with each student and to identify those students who need extra academic support. They use state-of-the-art curriculum to forge a bond between the student and the learning coach. This provides each student with a supportive learning environment and allows each student to experience success.

Why Is Adirondack Learning Academy Superior to the Rest?

  • Lessons are professionally recorded. They are short and concise with review questions immediately following the lesson.
  • Lessons focus on one concept at a time.
  • Additional instruction or resources are assigned if deficiencies are noted.
  • Special lessons (projects) are assigned to implement what was learned.
  • Students work at their own pace to achieve optimum outcomes.
  • Live teacher monitoring is available for those times when a student is stuck on a particular concept.
  • Learning coaches and parents receive monthly Performance Reports to see how the student is progressing academically.
  • Learning coaches personally connect with each student to know their learning needs.
  • Students may message their learning coach. This makes sure learners feel they can achieve great success in online learning.

How to Learn More About Adirondack Learning Academy

If online learning is something your family is interested in or has been considering but you’re just not sure where to start, the faculty and staff at Adirondack Learning Academy would love to help you! They’ve spent years providing online learning to students, and they’re ready to answer your questions and help you get started.

Please CLICK THIS LINK to visit the Adirondack Learning Academy website or call Admissions at (800)374-1007 to learn more about how we can help you and your student transition seamlessly to an online homeschool curriculum.

Enter for a chance to win a one academic year enrollment to Adirondack Learning Academy for one child, a value of $1800, and receive our free e-book on how to homeschool in the digital world. Enrollment includes licensing fee, program fees, access to a learning coach, progress reports, a degree plan, and guidance for individual home education plans required by school districts.

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Adirondack Learning Academy is owned and operated by two women. Karen Bartgis is the Director of Education and brings a wide range of skills including but not limited to creating educational goals. Maryann Oddo is the Director of Admissions and a homeschooling mom. She brings a vast knowledge of homeschooling and homeschool regulations. You can read more about Karen and Maryann at

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Karen of Adirondack Learning Academy.