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I’m Quitting Yoga Forever

I skipped my sun salutes on Saturday and Sunday. My girls were both sick this weekend and there was no sleep happening in our house. No sleep. 

I thought about doing it both days! I did, I thought “I should do my salutes!”. But the physical energy required to do 6 and 7 salutes per day was too daunting. The days were too busy and hectic, there was no break in the day to do them. And at night… know that feeling when you sit down for the first time after a very long day, your body collapses into a heap on the couch and then your muscles instantly shut down completely, so you are like a big blob of human on the couch… and then remember that one thing you forgot on your to-do list? 


And then you have a choice. I can somehow pull my blob of a body together and just GET. IT. DONE. Or….couchhhhhhhh. 

So yea. The couch won both nights. 

Of course this means that I am OUT of the challenge. I failed. I missed two days. I can’t continue now, what’s the point? In fact, I should probably never step onto my yoga mat again. I simply cannot face the embarrassment. It’s over. I might as well roll up my mat with super glue, hang a big “CLOSED FOREVER” sign on The Yoga Loft door, and pursue my backup plan of being a social media influencer for sweats and mom buns! 

Or. I mean…maybe I’ll just do 1 sun salute right now. Just 1 to close out my practice for this lifetime. 

Oh! That felt pretty good, actually! Ok ONE more, and then that is IT. FOREVER. 

Oh wow. That got the spot in my mid-back that has been aching for days. You know that little spot right on the inner edge of the shoulder blade?! Ok LAST one, here we go.

OH MY GODDDD. I can’t give this up!!! Never ever!! Yoga is LIFE! Yoga is the only thing that can ground me like this during the most insane year of my existence. It is the only physical practice that can give me more energy than it takes. It gives life to my soul, meaning to my life. I LOVE YOU, YOGAAAA! I am so sorry I ever considered leaving you. Please, forgive me. I promise I will never ever skip another day of sun salutes again. 

(approximately 3 days later…) 

So. I skipped my sun salutes today. The day was just too….

Does this pattern sound familiar?! I tried to make light of it (there are more than enough serious things in life these days), but want you to know that this daily battle with yoga (or any other healthy habit) is SO NORMAL and exists for everyone. If this is you – try to allow this ebb and flow to happen. Some days you will be on top of your game, and others – not so much. We rise, and we fall, we rise, and we fall…it’s all good. We’ll get to where we are meant to be at one point or another! 

If you would like a community of yogis to rise and fall together with – join us in The Yoga Haven – our free online community where we provide encouragement, inspiration, yoga & meditation videos, and more! Our Sun Salutes Challenge is ongoing through the month of February – you are welcome to participate, or not 😉

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Classes are now live-streamed online!!

Since we are currently unable to practice together in person, join us online for your favorite yoga classes instead! It’s very simple to join the online classroom – start today so that you can continue your regular practice throughout this challenging time. 

Cost: pay what you can* (recommended minimum: $10) 

As a small business, having to close our doors for any amount of time is extremely challenging and a big financial hit. We ask you to support our studio and our teachers as much as you can. However, we also understand that these are hard times for some of you – and want you to know that WE are here to support YOU, too. If you are out of work, lost your job, or suffering financially – please pay what you can afford. All are welcome to join us in our virtual classroom. 

(This schedule is currently being updated. Please check back daily!)

6:00pm Level 1/2 flow with Sally

9:15am Level 1/2 flow with Carrie

6:00pm Level 1 with Jamie 

9:30am Level 1/2 flow with Melanie
4:30pm Gentle  Yoga with Megan
5:45pm Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga with Megan

9:15am Level 2 flow with Carrie

6:00pm Level 1 with Larissa

7:30pm Yoga Nidra with Miriam

9:30am Level 1/2 flow with Melanie

9:00am Level 2 flow with Carrie

10:00am Level 2/3 with Miriam

register here:

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Let’s Get Philosophical!

I have the great honor of being able to teach the basics of yoga philosophy a couple of times a year in various 200hr teacher trainings. This allows the content to stay very fresh in my mind. 

When something is reinforced enough, it becomes harder to ignore, so the knowledge ultimately keeps me accountable to make sure that I am living my yoga every day, in every way. I also try to incorporate different philosophical topics in my weekly asana classes so that my regular students get little morsels of what else the practice has to offer beyond the physical benefits. I fall in love with each sutra all over again each time I revisit it and can see how new life experiences apply to the lesson. 

However, I find I always come back to the kleshas as the most impactful and powerful concept. The kleshas provide a logical, practical way of looking at the obstacles in your life and seeing what’s really going on. It allows us to take the emotion out of it and just looking at each situation objectively, which is so helpful and important. 

A short overview of the kleshas can be found here.

What’s your favorite yoga philosophy topic? I really want to know!

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Winter Blues? We’ve got your back.

There are plenty of healthy, fun, and practical ways to get yourself through these next few weeks of winter and closer to the spring time! You can start by joining us for an upcoming workshop, class or training. There is nothing like a warm and welcoming community to help “turn your frown upside down.” Read the article below on Winter Blues, it includes great tips like sharing a pot of stew or going for a brisk walk. There is also a video in there with one of my favorite teachers, Seane Corn.

Also, be sure to stop by our #loftlove wall and leave a message! XO

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Her Soul is Perfect.

I found myself with a surprise window of time where I didn’t have to take care of any children, so I decided to go on the walk that I always love to take whenever we come up to the Berkshires.

I started out and thought to myself, ‘I took this walk with my mom once and she was so excited and giddy about seeing a wild turkey.’ Then, I paused my thoughts for a while and took in the scenery.

Minutes later, I thought, ‘It would be lovely to see some sign from my mom.’ Then, I looked at my phone and got really absorbed in an important text thread for a while.

The moment I looked up from my phone, I was looking at the exact spot where my mom and I saw the wild turkey.

Whether that’s an actual sign or not, it was enough to make me instantly burst into a completely surprising, ugly, major cry for a few minutes. In that moment, I realized that, even seven years after her death, I still miss her so much. And so many of the activities that I enjoy in my life are because they help me feel closer to her.

After some significant time since her death, her physical absence now feels equally like a gift and a curse. Of course, I would rather she be here, but in another way, I’ve learned how to always have her around and truly focus on the best parts of her. The living people we love don’t have the same luxury. Because humans are flawed but her soul is perfect.

I am thankful to the Universe for the knowledge, for my memories and for Love.

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2020 Goals Reimagined.

It’s funny how one date on the calendar can propel people into making big changes in their lives. Did you know that 98% of new years resolutions are not resolved? Maybe the expectations are too unrealistic or maybe there isn’t a consistent intention to back up the resolution. I love the practice of yoga because each time we get on our mat we are given the opportunity to begin again, not just once a year, but as often as we want. And then there’s no such thing as failure, only minor setbacks on our path to becoming the best version of ourselves. As long as our intention remains clear and constant and we are reaffirming the importance of our resolutions every day, we can begin and end 2020 knowing that we do everything we can every day to show up fully.

I’ve made a few important changes in my life recently that will allow me to spend more time with my family, nurture my own yoga practice and have more freedom to travel!

What are your goals for 2020? Leave your comments below!

Thank you for reading! ~ Megan

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What Were You Doing in January of 2010?

(Originally published here and republished with permission):

As we close out a decade and move into the 2020’s, many people are taking inventory of their last 10 years. What were you were doing in January of 2010? Take a couple of minutes to ponder these questions:

~ What was I celebrating 10 years ago?

~ What were some of the big, stand-out milestones of the decade?

~ What awards or accolades come to mind?

~ What felt like failure? Consider, that as a society, we are prone to assess ourselves based on goals met and achievements acknowledged. It’s easier for our brains to think about our lives in this way (hey, EGO!) so many people go along with this without giving it a second thought. However, yoga asks us to consider how we’ve progressed on our spiritual path, prompting us to ask ourselves questions like these: 

~ How have my relationships changed? 

~ Are there brand new people in my life 10 years later? 

~ How do I show love to those people? 

~ Who have I had to let go of? Who have I mourned? 

~ How have I done with my inner work? 

~ How has my soul grown and stretched to new levels, especially in regard to my capacity to love? 

~ How do I show love to myself today compared to 10 years ago? 

I bet that even if you haven’t given this considerable thought until right now, you can accept that some measurable growth in your spiritual journey has occurred. The most wonderful thing about this kind of growth is that it never ends. We are always evolving. Change is inevitable. We become better at embracing inevitability as time goes on if we embrace the process of transformation. We must stay curious and open-minded on this journey of self-realization. Congratulations to your soul’s evolution in the 2010’s! 🙂

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Practice Self-Care this Holiday Season

Image result for santa yoga pose

The holidays are upon us!

If you’ve been in class with me at any point since Thanksgiving, you’ve heard me sing your praises! Self-care is such a hard thing to keep up with during this EXTRA busy time of year. My classes are always quieter between Thanksgiving and New Years and I can come with a number of reasons why. Even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, it’s challenging not to get caught up in the busy-ness vibe that’s floating all around.

So when you stroll in this December, unroll your mat and settle in to take care of you, we teachers here at the Yoga Loft are so impressed! Not only do you benefit greatly from your choice to go to yoga, but everyone you come in contact with benefits from your choice as well. With self-care as part of your routine, you can serve from a place of love, patience and presence vs. burn-out and resentment.

‘Tis the season to give yourself the gift of yoga!

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Messages from the Universe

My mother died six years ago. I lucid dream occasionally, and ever since her death, when I catch myself in the middle of a dream, I like to spend my time with my mom, for as long as I can manage.

In the early morning hours of my daughter’s first birthday, I realized I was in the middle of a dream. Lucid dreams have been so sporadic for me lately, this seemed extra magical.  

I was standing in a random diner and my hair was falling out. I knew that couldn’t really be happening so I happily proclaimed, “Everybody out! I want to spend time with my mom.” She didn’t appear right away, like she normally does. My daughter was suddenly in my arms and we looked out the window of the diner for just a moment. Then my one-year-old looked directly into my eyes and spoke! She said, “I know you’ve been missing me. I have been missing you too. I love you.” I knew this was my mother speaking through my daughter. 

Just then, my baby’s laugh in “real life” woke me up! I wished her a Happy 1st Birthday and told her about the dream. She smiled so big and then we spent the next 20 minutes staring into each other’s eyes, smiling, cooing and laughing together. 

I do believe that my yoga practice allows me the opportunity to be more open and receptive to the messages the Universe sends my way. I believe I receive many messages through my dreams. Today, I am extra thankful for this ability. 

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