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Christmas Quilts in July Trunk Show!

christmas quilts in july trunk show
christmasquiltsinjuly yt

Happy Thursday! After the last Quilty truck show, you all requested an all Christmas Trunk Show and so that’s what we are doing today! I’ll be showing you all of the Christmas quilts I have made over the years, so grab a cup of tea, coffee, or whatever, and let’s dive right in!

Watch the Christmas in July Quilt Trunk Show here:

Fresh Cut Pines Quilt from Winter Wonderland book by Sherri Falls
Fabric: Holly’s Tree Farm by Sweetwater

Sleigh Bell Sampler from Winter Wonderland book by Sherri Falls
Fabric: Mix of Sweetwater Christmas lines

Sugar Plum Quilt from Winter Wonderland bookby Sherri Falls

Let it Snow from Holiday Wishes Book by Sherri Falls
Fabric: Little Ruby by Bonnie and Camille

Winterberry by Erica Arndt
Fabric: Moda 9900-97 & Red Solid
How to Fix Fabric Bleeds:

Jingle All The Way by Sweetwater
Fabric: The Christmas Card by Sweetwater

Sweetwater 2015 Personalized Quilt Block Club
Fabric: Holly’s Tree Farm by Sweetwater

Sweetwater 2016 Personalized Quilt Block Club
Fabric: Holly’s Tree Farm by Sweetwater

Merry Noel by Erica Arndt
Fabric: Mix of Christmas fabric from Sweetwater

Snowy Day Quilt by Erica Arndt
Fabric: Mix of Christmas fabric from Sweetwater

Vintage Christmas Quilt by Erica Arndt
Fabric: Mistletoe Lane by Bunnyhill Fabric

Peppermint Pines by Erica Arndt
Fabric: Holliberry by Corey Yoder

Winterville by Camille Roskelly
Fabric: Mix of Christmas lines by Sweetwater
Dear Head Fabric: Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabric

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Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern

peppermint pines quilt pattern

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And with my new beginner-friendly Christmas quilt pattern, Peppermint Pines, you can make your home even more festive!

Peppermint Pines finishes at 74″ x 86″ but it is so easy to add another row of blocks to make it even larger if you want to!

PeppermintPines coah
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 15

This quilt is so fast and easy it is great for beginners! It is traditionally pieced and comes together so fast. I think it took me three afternoons to make this whole thing, but I was binge watching Hallmark Christmas and listening Michael Buble so it could have been longer and I just didn’t notice! Because let’s face it, that man’s voice is hypnotic! I always tell my daughter you can’t help but be happy when Michael Buble is singing Christmas carols, am I right? But I digress…

With the craziness of 2020, I wanted go for a more cozy and traditional holiday vibe. And I think this quilt pattern is perfect!

Right now I have it hanging on my wall in our dining room as holiday decor, but honestly I’d love to take it down and cuddle with it by the fire too! Maybe add in a little hot cocoa and a good book? Sounds good to me!

PeppermintPines 10
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 16

I used a lovely print called Holliberry by Corey Yoder for Moda fabrics. I love the traditional feel of this line. It is kind of muted tones, but festive at the same time.

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Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 17

I was originally going to use it to make my Vintage Christmas quilt, pictured above, but decided to save it for Peppermint Pines and I’m so glad I did!

PeppermintPines 2
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 18
PeppermintPines 11
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 19
peppermintpines 1
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 20

I chose a nice subtle floral print from the line for the backing and then paired it with this lovely dark grey binding which really pops.

PeppermintPines 3
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 21

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my binding tip! If not, I wanted to show it here too. I always press my binding, then roll it up like shown below. Next, I place it on my thread holder on top of my Juki TL2000 Qi. Then I can pull it off as I go and it doesn’t get tangled on the floor or attacked by Jax (our curious kitty), while I’m sewing!

PeppermintPines 6
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 22

I also did my standard meander free motion quilt pattern on this quilt. It’s one of my go-to patterns and I just love meandering around my quilt as I go. I find it relaxing and really like to go slow and enjoy the process.

PeppermintPines 5
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 23
PeppermintPines 4
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 24

I am so happy with how this quilt turned out. I think it is simple and classic, and I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Ready to get started sewing? You can get my Peppermint Pines quilt pattern here!

PeppermintPines FB1
Peppermint Pines Quilt Pattern 25