Superfood Science Plant-Based Protein Dog Snack is a Nutritious Delight for Canine Companions

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Seven Superfoods Per Treat

Dog guardians are elevating their pets’ wellness with superfood-infused treats from the Superfood Science.

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/ — Superfood Science, a trusted name in premium pet and human health products, recently celebrated the rising popularity of its innovative “Plant-Based Protein Dog Snack Mini-Sticks with Kelp.” These miniature delights are crafted to tantalize dog’s taste buds and infuse their diet with wholesome plant-based goodness that can boost “man’s best friend’s” health.

Proudly produced in the USA, these sticks are thoughtfully designed for training and rewarding canine companions while contributing to their overall vitality.

Harnessing the power of nature’s superfoods, each mini-stick contains nourishing ingredients, including pea protein, sweet potato, chia seed, flaxseed, and kelp. This unique blend aligns with dogs’ nutritional needs. It emphasizes the Superfood Science team’s commitment to catering to various dietary preferences, as their treats are free from gluten, artificial additives, and antibiotics.

Mr. Yori Takeda, the creator of Superfood Science, shared his motivation behind this innovative creation: “We noticed the intriguing grass-eating behavior exhibited by neighbors and our dogs. One of the reasons dogs eat grass is to compensate for dietary fiber and nutrient deficiencies in their diets. Grass-eating behavior inspired us to create a plant-based protein treat enriched with superfoods, providing a holistic and safer approach to snacking. Our plant-based dog treats will help dogs add more dietary fibers and phytonutrients without exposing them to lawn chemicals.”

Recognizing the need for a dog snack to be delicious, the Superfood Science team embarked on refining the formula to ensure a delectable experience for dogs. “Our journey involved creating a treat that fuses nutrition with taste,” Mr. Takeda explained. “The challenge lay in making kelp, a key superfood ingredient, enticing to dogs. After relentless testing and refinement, we crafted a plant-based treat that dogs relish.”

The outcome is a plant-based snack that supports dogs’ well-being and tickles their taste buds. With only 5.6 calories per 2-gram treat, these mini-sticks offer an indulgent yet wholesome dog snacking option, aligning with health-conscious pet owners’ values.

Embodying the Superfood Science team’s commitment to quality, the Plant-Based Protein Dog Snack Mini-Sticks are made of premium human-grade ingredients. Free of GMOs, gluten, wheat, grains, corn, and soy, these treats do not have artificial additives, flavors, coloring, antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, or harmful substances. It guarantees an unadulterated and natural treat that underscores devotion to a four-legged companion’s well-being.

Superfood Science team’s Plant-Based Protein Dog Snack Mini-Sticks offer an unparalleled choice for dog owners seeking to reward their furry friends with a nourishing treat. Embrace the benefits of plant-powered nutrition and delight your pet with a treat that epitomizes wellness and joy.

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