Suicide Prevention Congress to convene in Europe in September 2023

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iasp 32nd world congress regist

IASP 32nd World Congress Registration Open

The International Association for Suicide Prevention is to host the 32nd IASP World Congress in Piran, Slovenia from 19-23rd September 2023.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2023/ — Slovenia will be in the world spotlight this September as leading international experts gather to share knowledge and innovations with the aim of preventing suicide and suicidal behaviour.

The International Association for Suicide Prevention 32nd World Congress will be held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr Nataša Pirc Musar.

Held in partnership with the Andrej Marušič Institute, Slovene Centre for Suicide Research at the University of Primorska, the event will take place in Piran, Slovenia from 19-22nd September 2023. Registrations for the event open in May 2023.

IASP World Congresses are the primary global collaborative opportunity for expert thinking related to suicide and suicide prevention, bringing together a diverse community of academics, researchers, practitioners, lived experience, and all associated with suicide prevention or working within suicide prevention related topics.

Over 700 000 people lose their life to suicide every year with over 75% of suicides occurring in low-and-middle-income countries . Suicide is a public health issue that affects individuals, families, workplaces and communities the world over. Reducing deaths by suicide is a global imperative and forms part of our global commitment within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and in WHO’s Mental Health Action Plan 2013 – 2030.

The congress will address pertinent and specific issues that impact those most vulnerable to suicide within societies. Covering issues such vulnerable individuals within conflict settings, displaced people and marginalised groups, communities such as workplaces and primary care settings, and how governments, policies and the role of the media can support individuals’ right to access available care.

President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Nataša Pirc Musar says;

“We are honoured to be hosting such an important event in Slovenia. The conference will bring together national and international experts in to learn from each other and provide an opportunity to access the very best research.”

“The University of Primorska is renowned for its research in suicide and suicide prevention through the Slovene Centre for Suicide Research, within the Andrej Marušič Institute. We are proud to play a key role in advancing our understanding of this issue of global significance.”

“The 32nd World Congress is an key opportunity for the world to further our knowledge around suicide prevention and how we can support the most vulnerable.” said Professor Rory O’Connor, President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

“I am really looking forward to the 32nd World Congress, as it will shine a light on how we continue to play a vital role in advancing mental health and suicide prevention policies and practices.”

The congress takes place in Piran, Slovenia and virtually from 19th – 23rd September 2023. Early bird registrations for attendance are open from 16th May 2023.

The Congress is a primarily in-person event with major programme items being streamed and recordings available after the event for those registered.

For more information and to register for the event, visit:


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Notes for editors:
The International Association for Suicide Prevention
The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) leads the global effort in suicide prevention having developed an effective forum that is proactive in creating strong collaborative partnerships and promoting evidence-based action in order to reduce the incidence of suicide and suicidal behaviour ( Established in 1960, IASP is the largest international association dedicated to suicide prevention and to the alleviation of the effects of suicide and collaborates closely with relevant international organisations.

Slovene Centre for Suicide Research
The Slovene Centre for Suicide Research ( was founded in 2011 at Andrej Marušič Institute, University of Primorska. The initiative to establish an independent unit within the Institute was taken by Prof. Diego De Leo and a group of former colleagues of the late Prof. Andrej Marušič in memory of his work and with the purpose of continuing it. Research and prevention of suicide are the main activities of the clinical and academic work of the Centre. Through its involvement in national and international projects, the Centre is the initiator of numerous innovative approaches in suicidology. The Centre’s vision is to provide high-quality research for a better understanding of suicidal behaviour, thus contributing to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.

Important note: Journalists reporting on this event are advised to include information on relevant help lines and websites. The following website provides details of Crisis Centres around the globe:

General guidance for communicating about suicide:

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