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Student-Led Nonprofit Codology Raises $50,000 in Tech for Underserved Youth

Neal Chopra (left), Ethan Thornberg (middle), and Dylan Witter (right) with the donated devices.

Led by 17-year-old founder Neal Chopra, Codology raised $50,000 in tech this summer to provide devices and coding education access to underserved youth.

MENLO PARK, CA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2023/ — While most high schoolers were enjoying summer break, one ambitious group of teens rallied their peers for a noble mission – raising thousands of dollars worth of tech devices to make computer science education inclusive.

Neal Chopra, 17, founded nonprofit Codology to provide free technology classes and coding workshops to youth from underserved communities. This summer, he led Codology’s student team in a fundraiser garnering over $50,000 in donated laptops, tablets, and other tech.

The devices will go directly into the hands of students at youth centers across the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Siena Youth Center in Redwood City. For many, this will be their first chance to access technology and gain valuable digital skills.

Chopra was inspired to start Codology after noticing disparities in technology education in his community. “I saw firsthand that not all students had access to computer science education and resources. I founded Codology to help close that gap,” he said. He launched the organization in 2022 to make computer science accessible to everyone.

Now operated by Chopra and a 100-person team of high school and college students, Codology offers coding workshops, online courses, research programs, and other initiatives aimed at sparking passion for tech and computer science through hands-on, project-based learning. To date, Codology has taught over 5,000 students across 25 countries. The organization has also formed partnerships with local schools and nonprofits to expand its impact.

“The tech fundraiser showcased our mission of empowering youth from all backgrounds through technology,” said Chopra. “Seeing our community unite was incredible.”

Chopra led the initiative with the help of Preetham Manapuri, who, along with their fellow teen leaders — including Ethan Thornberg, Saad Jadoon, and more — collected devices from their own networks of family, friends, businesses, and schools. This grassroots campaign highlights students’ recognition of technology’s power to transform lives.

Beyond fundraising, Chopra has built an organization enabling students to gain real-world skills. Codology’s research programs give participants the chance to collaborate with mentors from top colleges like Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell. Students can even publish papers in scientific journals. Many students have gone on to attend selective programs such as the Accenture Student Leadership Program and Google Design Sprint Internship.

Such experiences provide underserved youth the exposure critical for pursuing tech careers. As Chopra puts it, “We’re creating future innovators.”

Through this fundraiser and ongoing programs, Chopra continues leading youth in breaking down barriers to computer science education. At just 17 years old, his vision is already empowering generations to come.

About Codology: Codology is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing free computer science education to underserved youth. The organization offers coding workshops, online courses, research programs, and other hands-on, project-based initiatives aimed at making technology education inclusive. The organization has been sponsored by Google, Amazon, Leangap, Desmos, Taskade, and more. To date, Codology has taught over 5,000 students across 15 countries through its programs. With over 500,000 impressions, Codology has formed partnerships to further its mission and this summer led a fundraiser garnering $50,000 in tech devices for Bay Area youth centers. Learn more at

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