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Start Left™ Security Oversubscribes Seed Round to Drive Transparency and Secure Product Development from the Start

Start Left™ Security Application Security Posture Management

Gula Tech Adventures, Lytical Ventures, and Dasein Capital lead Seed investment in Start Left™ Security, supported by other strong investors.

The platform mitigates vulnerabilities and security weaknesses inherited from many sources such as the software supply chain and malicious insiders, in a highly effective and unique approach.”

— Ron Gula, CEO of Gula Tech Adventures

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL, USA, June 27, 2023/ — Start Left™ Security, powered by the patented Tauruseer Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) Platform and SPACE™ Behavioral Analytics, today announced that it has oversubscribed and closed $3.0 million Seed financing led by notable cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) venture capitalists: Gula Tech Adventures, Lytical Ventures, and Dasein Capital, and supported by DeepWork Capital, Florida Opportunity Fund, and Bootleg Advisors. This demonstrates the market’s confidence in Start Left™ Security’s vision and its ability to deliver innovative solutions that address evolving security threats.

“This funding will enable us to enhance our offerings of enabling software-driven organizations to improve visibility, better manage vulnerabilities, and enforce controls. We are excited to further our mission to improving application security by empowering people across Development, Security, CloudOps, and GRC to better manage risk at the speed of innovation,” said Jeremy Vaughan, CEO and Founder of Start Left™ Security. “We are thrilled to have such strong support from some of the most notable cybersecurity venture capitalists and industry experts.”

Security and Engineering Leaders know they need to secure the development environment but applications have become more complex, and with security tools and responsibilities spanning multiple groups, visibility into the overall security posture of applications becomes vastly more difficult to obtain.

Start Left™ Security’s Tauruseer ASPM platform solves that problem. The platform further differentiates itself from point solutions by providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to scaling application security programs, offering end-to-end coverage on every product team, centralized management, and compliance reporting, along with the ability to integrate cloud security posture management (CSPM).

“Start Left™ Security’s Tauruseer platform enables development teams to ship applications without vulnerabilities. We are investing because the platform mitigates vulnerabilities and security weaknesses inherited from many sources such as the software supply chain and malicious insiders, in a highly effective and unique approach we’ve not seen available previously,” said Ron Gula, CEO of Gula Tech Adventures.

The funding will be utilized to accelerate the company’s go-to-market efforts and R&D investments for Start Left™ Security’s Tauruseer ASPM Platform, build more risk insights and threat predictions into their SPACE™ Behavioral Analytics, and unify a unique approach to protecting cloud-native applications – the right way – “start left, not ‘shift left’.”

Embracing the “start left” philosophy to embed secure coding practices from the beginning opens the door to empowering the human element. Start Left™ Security provides innovative solutions by equipping developers with AI-driven remediation guidance and individualized secure code training. Security leaders now can be a part of making it easier for people to work together to close security holes and give teams the tools they need to build safe and resilient software products.

Start Left™ Security’s ASPM Platform features include:

• Inline CI/CD Software Component Analysis (SCA)
• Seamless Dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
• Asset Discovery, Inventory & Risk Management
• Product-Centric Vulnerability Management
• AI-Driven Remediation Guidance & Secure Code Training
• Governance, Risk & Compliance Performance
• Executive Dashboards & Continuous Monitoring

Start Left™ Security’s Tauruseer ASPM Platform stands out from AppSec Testing aggregators even more by using big data analytics in its SPACE™ technology, which uses behavior-based threat identification to find threats. SPACE™ processes and analyzes massive amounts of data via pre-built correlations and machine learning (ML) approaches. This enables the automated discovery of patterns across tools and time, retrospective and real-time, identifying risks and threats that typically go unnoticed by vulnerability scanners to proactively give actionable insights.

“We are excited to partner with Start Left™ Security and support their mission of delivering proactive security solutions to cloud-native organizations,” said Lucas Nelson, Partner at Lytical Ventures. “With ASPM and CSPM correlation, an organization can finally facilitate the true spirit of DevSecOps. We believe that Start Left™ Security has the potential to become a significant player in the cybersecurity space, and we look forward to supporting their growth and innovation.”

Start Left™ Security’s Tauruseer ASPM Platform is in GA (General Availability) now and is available through all channels: Direct Sales, Distributors, Resellers and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) globally.

About Start Left™ Security
Start Left™ Security is a pioneering cybersecurity company that revolutionizes the software development landscape. By emphasizing the importance of building software securely from the start, Start Left™ empowers organizations to proactively address security challenges and embed best practices throughout the development process. With an innovative and patented platform, Start Left™ helps businesses mitigate risks and build software that is robust, resilient, and secure. For more information, visit

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