St Vincent PM to UN, ‘Imperialism end is near, masters & vassals are over’

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Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, St Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves remarked that many people around the world are experiencing a sense of futility, a routinization of indifference, and even cynicism.

“It is widely acknowledged that the global political economy is broken and requires repair, not by tinkering here and there, but by fundamental restructuring of the kind that lasts for the benefit of all humanity, particularly those who are disadvantaged, dispossessed, or marginalized,” he emphasized.  It is also agreed that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be met by 2030; in fact, virtually every developing country will face a considerable shortfall.  Likewise, it is widely acknowledged that the climate change agenda is slowing and, in some ways, reversing, with disastrous consequences for civilization.  Meanwhile, he claims that contemporary forces of insecurity and war are all colliding in a “invidious march to infamy” and human misery”.

He said powerful countries and blocs of like-minded states are reluctant or unable to devise inclusive methods to meet the current global concerns confronting humanity.

Gonsalves said their reactionary activities in pursuit of a continued imperium or emerging hegemony are disguised as self-serving cries for a “New World Order” — all sauce and gall but little substance.

 “From the harsh trenches of the periphery, St Vincent and the Grenadines raises three frightening questions: What’s new?  Which universe?  “And who makes the orders?” It is obvious to all right-thinking persons, free of self-serving hypocrisy, that today’s struggle between the dominant Powers is centered on control, ownership, and distribution of the world’s resources,” he added.

“I encouraged the US, our friend, the most powerful and economically dominant country since the dawn of human civilization, to lift unilateral sanctions imposed on Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.  It is “plain silly” to identify Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, a description generated by South Florida’s politicized domestic politics. “Certainly, Taiwan’s desire to participate in relevant United Nations specialized agencies is reasonable and should be accommodated,” he added.

 Concerning climate change, he stated that impoverished, fragile, climate-affected, and resource-constrained developing countries are fed up with the rich world’s unfulfilled recurrent pledges on climate financing.

 “The time for reparations has come, Africa, the Caribbean, our diaspora, and others who seek a just world insist on it.”

Concerning Haiti, Gonsalves  stated that the Security Council cannot “stand askance” as criminal gangs, some with ties to the government and the National Police, virtually dominate the capital city and main production centers in the country.

 “Massive economic support, akin to a Marshall Plan, must be provided by the international community in concert with political, security, and humanitarian endeavors.   The governments of the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America must cooperate together to stop the tremendous influx of guns and bullets into Haiti.  Furthermore, the dreadful situations in Ukraine, the State of Palestine, several African nations, and elsewhere call for peaceful agreements between warring parties”.

Gonsalves also expressed support for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to join the Group of 20 together with the African Union.

“The days of masters and vassals are over; the days of imperialism are approaching,” he declared emphatically.

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