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‘Space Pups’ Movie Brings Aliens and Dogs Together in a New Family-Friendly Adventure

Space Pups Movie – Now Streaming

Swen Studios is letting the talking dogs out – ‘Space Pups’ gets released to Streaming and VOD today.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, May 16, 2023/ — “Space Pups” is Available On Demand and Digital – May 16, 2023

When a group of friendly space aliens crash-land on Earth, they quickly realize that they must keep a low profile to avoid detection. To blend in, they disguise themselves as talking dogs – but their secret is threatened when two curious kids discover the truth.

As the Space Pups and the children bond over a series of fun-filled adventures, they find themselves facing a new challenge: an alien chaser who is determined to expose their true identities. Racing against time, the unlikely friends must work together to fix the damaged spaceship and return home before it’s too late.

With heartwarming moments and plenty of excitement, “Space Pups” is a captivating story about friendship, bravery, and the power of teamwork.

Featuring live-action talking dogs and stylized animated aliens, the family adventure movie is a blast for the whole family. Space Pups was filmed on location in Orlando, Florida by Director Jason M. Murphy (Monsters At Large, Robo-Dog) based on a screenplay by Tony Giordano (Monsters At Large, Robo-Dog, Robo-Dog: Airborne). Scenes set in the interior of the alien spaceship were filmed on a virtual volume LED stage.
Myron Donley (Power, City of Love) stars as ‘Marvin’ the obsessed alien hunter who is determined to find the ufo he saw crash land in the woods. Disguised as dogs, the aliens befriend two kids played by Riley Madison Fuller (The Moon & Back, Lanier) and Elijah Green (Saturdays). Voice actor Joe Gaudet (Five Nights at Freddy’s, Astroblast!), who is known for his viral Arnold Schwarzenegger & Ryan Reynolds impressions, leads the voice cast as Captain Ace Beadlock. The intimidating Agent Bridger of the FBI is played by Zac Zedalis (Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Walking Dead, Cherry).

Two young children and their parents help a trio of aliens who have been transformed into friendly dogs escape the clutches of a local UFO hunter.

Director: Jason M. Murphy
Screenwriter: Tony Giordano
Producers: Kenny Beaumont, Mark Boot
Executive Producers: Murray Lipnick, Eli Lipnick
Composer: Ben Worley
Cast: Myron Donley, Riley Madison Fuller, Elijah Green, Joe Gaudet, Krista Kelley, Matt Kinback, Zac Zedalis
Genre: Adventure · Sci-Fi · Kids & Family
Run Time: 92 Minutes
Rating: G
Distributor: Swen Studios, ITN Distribution, Inc.

Swen Studios in association with In The Dark Entertainment and Blue River Films presents “Space Pups”

Swen Studios is a dynamic production company that is part of the Swen Group. The company has produced movies in English, Spanish, and Korean, reaching audiences around the world. Swen Studios is led by Eli Lipnik, the Executive Producer. They have partnered with Conglomerate Media on a slate of high end features for worldwide release as well as a partnership with Spanglish Media on a slate of spanglish content Filmed in south Florida. Several movies have been produced for Nu Image and ACI, “Journey to the End of the Night,” with Brendan Fraser (Sao Paulo), “Flying Virus” (Ubatuba), “Power Play” (Curitiba) and “Snakeman,” with Stephen Baldwin (Salvador), which drew significant audience for the Syfy Channel.
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Space Pups – Official Trailer

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