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Slow Life Simulator Graduate: Island Life is Live on Mobile

Graduate: Island Life is launching on App Store and Google Play on 21st September.

SHANGHAI, CHINA, September 21, 2023/ — The highly acclaimed simulator Graduate: Island Life on Steam is finally launching on the App Store and Google Play on the 21st of September. Quickly boarded this peaceful island, and began to enjoy the slow life here!

In the game, the character is tired of the fast-paced daily life. As a getaway, player goes to the town where a friend is located and starts a new life. In this small town, player can choose the path again, whether it’s becoming a salesperson, delivery guy, or a farmer, diver… In this small town, player can finally start the real life.

Player will live in a small town where people have their own life style. Player will see residents having breakfast in the morning, delivery guys running around, busy business owners and elderly people living in seclusion in the suburb. Player can also dress up, decorate apartment, eat, entertain, exercise, and even purchase new properties and cars with enough money. Implement the unique lifestyle here!

Unlike the cold big cities, the people here are full of enthusiasm, and they all welcome player as a friend. As the saying goes, more friends make more paths, and the bonds between friends may bloom into the flowers of love, interacting with the beloved characters, falling in love, and finally entering the palace of marriage.

As the game progresses, it’s time to respond to the call of adventure in the heart. It is rumored that there are many unknown secrets and treasures hidden deep under the sea around the Pear Bay in the eastern. Embark on new adventures in the deep sea!

Graduate: Island Life is now live on App Store and Google.

Eric Lin
Pujia8 Studio

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