Announces the Development of SAIGE (Sikka Artificial Intelligence Generative Entity)

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Logo for’s logo and brand image pay homage to its decades of experience at the forefront of artificial intelligence applications.

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Taking inspiration from the logo, SAIGE’s logo emphasizes artificial intelligence and its importance in the future of healthcare industries.

With roots in AI and machine learning, announces the development of SAIGE, which uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT, as a new way to interact with their company.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2023/ — announced today the development of SAIGE (Sikka Artificial Intelligence Generative Entity), an AI-based chat model that will answer inquiries and provide a human-like interface for user questions specific to the website. To develop SAIGE, their data science team is utilizing OpenAI’s Chat API gpt-3.5-turbo model as its base. In order to ensure high-quality responses for the user, their data scientists are creating self-contained sections consisting of information, which when called upon, will create an embedded query that will rank the self-contained sections based on their relevance to the query and generate a comprehensive answer.

Background: After the release of GPT-3, OpenAI’s chat model that has recently taken the tech world by storm, launched an internal hackathon to see whether or not generative AI could be used to modernize and enhance the way that users interact with their website. The winning team with the best model brought home a grand prize of $12,000 USD and with that, the dream for SAIGE was turned into a reality. The name SAIGE (Sikka Artificial Intelligence Generative Entity) is a spin on the word “sage” which, given the right context, invokes the idea of a person that is profoundly wise, experienced and enlightened.

“At, we have a long history of AI and innovation. Our founder has worked in AI for over 30 years and, with this newfound interest in AI from the industry, has made it our mission to provide a natural and intuitive way for users to interact with our website by utilizing one of the most advanced large language models we’ve seen.” – VP of Marketing, Elisa Thompson

SAIGE (Sikka Artificial Intelligence Generative Entity) will be available for users starting on May 25, 2023.


Sikka Software is helping to rethink the important retail healthcare market using an award-winning single API cloud platform with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Sort of like Stripe in payments and Twilio in communications, Sikka focuses on non-physician practices in dentistry, veterinary, optometry, chiropractic, orthodontics and oral surgery.

Sikka Software now has 35,000 practice installations and 120 million patients on its platform. The Sikka API Platform connects to 96% of the retail healthcare market and all practice management systems and financial systems practices use. There are 50 apps built by suppliers (many of them Fortune 500) on the Sikka platform and 4 apps that Sikka has built on its own. The company’s vision is to become a global, real-time, platform that connects and empowers the patients, providers and suppliers.

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