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Sho Madjozi delivers keynote address at UCT as Swahili Studies added to curricula

Sho Madjozi learnt to speak the language while living in Tanzania with her family for several years.

Huku singer Sho Madjozi delivered the keynote address as the University of Cape Town (UCT) officially added Swahili Studies to the academic programmes now offered by the institution.

“I gave the keynote address at the launch of the programme. My own is that we need to be able to communicate amongst ourselves across this region regardless of who happened to colonise us,” said Sho Madjozi whose real name is Maya Wegerif.

“Shout out to the African Union for introducing Swahili as a working language of the Union and language of wider communication in Africa. And to UCT for taking that as a call to action,” wrote the musician on her Instagram.

According to Tanzania’s Daily News, the award winning muso spoke at length on the importance of Kiswahili language and shared her experiences on how she learnt Kiswahili when she was a high school student at the International School of Tanganyika in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where she had lived with her parents for several years in the past.

Sho Madjozi said Kiswahili was a simple language to learn and during her stay in Tanzania she learnt it through interacting with the friendly local communities. She has composed several songs in Kiswahili which are already big hits.

However, Sho Madjozi’s representatives did not respond to The Citizen’s request for a comment at the time of publishing.

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Madjozi magic

Last month Sho Madjozi performed at the 48th annual Toronto International Film Festival in Canada while her children’s book, Shona and The Stars, has been well received by parents who want to expose their children to more Afrocentric storytelling.

The book is about the story of a young girl filled with adventure, community, and friendship.

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