Sho Madjozi birthday party featured an African Union Theme. Image via Instagram @shomadjozi The Pearl Dream Inc

Sho Madjozi birthday party featured an African Union Theme

Artists including Samthing Soweto, Makhadzi, and folk singer Muneyi were among those present at the Tuesday night African Union-themed birthday celebration for South African rapper Sho Madjozi.

Samthing Soweto posted a photo of himself on social media wearing the Moholobela, the blanket worn by young Sotho males, and stated that he is present for Sho Madjozi’s birthday celebration.

Sho Madjozi’s Huku was choreographed by Litchi Hov, who was also present for the celebration.

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Sho Madjozi celebrating herself in a stunning velvet outfit

Sho Madjozi looked lovely in a velvet suit that resembled traditional Nigerian clothing.

Earlier on her birthday, she wrote on Instagram to express her joy:

I was trying to Google how stars are born and of course all the results were about astronomical stars and how they are born from collapsing clouds of gas and dust, and a great many interactions of small and enormous particles fusing in ridiculous heat.“And if you think of the millions of tiny and large events that collided to make it so that I was born who I was, where I was, when I was, you can see that I had no choice but to become a star. Happy birthday to me,” concluded the post.

Singer, musician, and performer Langa Mavuso can be seen in some of the pictures and videos from the party that were posted on several participants’ Instagram stories.

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She was dressed in lihiya, a vibrant traditional siSwati garment.

In one Instagram story video posted by Madjozi, Mavuso can be seen singing her the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

Additionally, Makhadzi performed while wearing xibelani, a Tsonga cultural garment that Sho Madjozi just made popular.

Samthing Soweto was also on stage, but it appeared that she was dancing with others to BaSotho music rather than singing.

Mzansi was perplexed by Madjozi’s age

We were mistaken about her age. South Africans are baffled by award-winning singer Madjozi’s actual age when it was made public. Since her birth, Madjozi has been a trendsetter and many people were left feeling perplexed that she is infact only 31 years old.

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The actress was born in Limpopo, South Africa, on May 9, 1992. In recent years she has wowed her fans with lavish birthdays.

She has been winning a lot of awards ever since she gained notoriety. Madjozi has since established herself as a brand. Madjozi gained her notoriety in 2019 after being named one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30.

She received work abroad thanks to her massive hit John Cena and has recently performed on stage alongside well-known worldwide artists like Stromae.

When Madjozi published her children’s book in 2022, it immediately caught the media’s attention.


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