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Seriously Mentally Ill Seniors Are Losing Their Housing

CALIFORNIA, USA, September 14, 2023/ — A new LA Times article Talks About Senior homes for the mentally ill closing and putting people on the streets.

Board and care homes, which could make a significant dent in Los Angeles County’s homelessness crisis, remain underutilized and underfunded, a new study has found.

The homes were first developed in California more than 50 years ago as the state closed its asylums and moved mental health patients into communities. They are privately operated and range from small mom-and-pop operations with fewer than 20 residents to large facilities with more than 100 people.

Today, relatively few board and care homes serve people with mental illnesses. The rest house people 60 and older or those with developmental disabilities. More than 100 board and cares have closed in L.A. County in recent years, in part because of low government reimbursement rates.

We have the Director of LARCA Bennie Henson and Board and Care providers abide for in-person or online interviews.

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