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QA training with Test Pro

SDET allows testers to play a more active role in the life cycle of software, usually taking in some capacity on a developer role.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — As part of its official mission to make tech careers more approachable, the software testing firm “Test Pro” (currently located in California) is now offering dedicated online SDET Training Courses. The course which is currently open for application regardless of age or prior experience is designed for individuals with no prior experience in the tech career field and promises to allow its participants to apply for software testing positions with wages as high as $100k.

Test Pro is a Los Angeles-based software testing company. Whose services in addition to practical courses include other IT solutions like consulting, recruitment, and staffing as well as traditional web development. To this repertoire, the company has added its “SDET Bootcamp” an online course on SDET testing practices that promises its students an opportunity to: “Launch their career in QA right to six figures”.

SDET full form stands for Software Development Engineer in Test. SDET is a methodology that is used in software development and systems engineering for software testing. This differs from traditional QA (Quality Assurance) testing because SDET allows testers to play a more active role in the life cycle of software, usually taking in some capacity on a developer role. Meanwhile, Traditional testing methodology leaves development fully in the hands of a main developer team, while testers only take part in the later stages of the software life cycle.

What this change in approach ultimately means is that both testing and development teams are more integrated into the experience. And this allows testers to take a more active role in solving any potential issues, as well as to begin testing earlier in the software life cycle. Many experts in the field have vouched for the importance of SDET in future development and the last few years statistics report a considerable increase in the demand for properly trained SDET staff.

The “SDET Bootcamp” was developed as a response to this new demand, and the company is particular about the idea that it is completely feasible to complete for beginners and experts alike. This belief can be seen on their landing page, as the restrictions and expectations for potential students are very brief.

Test Pro lists basic knowledge of PC as the only required experience for any interested parties, with no age, schooling, or regional restrictions of any kind. The program is open worldwide and promises a potential salary of $95K-$110k per year even with no experience in the field; in fact, ample job opportunities are a major drawing point that the company emphasizes in its press releases and official statements.

According to the Bootcamp’s description page, out of their more than 40 students who graduated from the SDET Training Course so far, 92% found a job within 3 months of graduation. And as the campaign itself focuses on having a diverse pool of students, Test Pro sees this as an assurance of its success.

In fact, Test Pro has made it a high priority to make sure their studens can find jobs as a direct result of the time spent on their SDET Bootcamp, and their methodology is designed around that goal. To help its students build a portfolio through their studies their SDET course has a large practical component.

In their official description for the course, the company states that they collaborate with various companies to allow their students to partake in real commercial work. Test Pro has listed major players in the industry like Google, Facebook, Bank of America, and PlayStation as some of the places where students from the course have found work at. And other major media outlets such as CBS or Fox News are listed as entities that have collaborated with Test Pro.

Individuals interested in the SDET Training Bootcamp can apply on the official website through the dedicated SDET landing page. The application requires only basic information, and since the application page is always up, potential students can apply and enroll at their convenience. The Test Pro website also contains additional courses in software testing, including a dedicated QA testing course as well as various other guides, articles, and testimonials for anybody interested in what the world of software testing has to offer or anybody who is considering a career change.

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