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SCIC Signs MoU with Nusantara, Indonesia, to export solutions

HELSINKI, UUSIMAA, FINLAND, September 11, 2023/ — Smart City Innovation Cluster (SCIC) of Finland has established a remarkable partnership with the Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) to develop Indonesia’s new capital, Nusantara, on the path to becoming a sustainable smart city. The signing of the MoU represents the momentous Finnish – Indonesian collaboration that aims to a new era of technological innovation in Southeast Asia. The collaboration is done in close partnership with Business Finland.

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, with over 11 million inhabitants, is sinking to the sea. To save its people, Indonesia builds a new capital, Nusantara. Located on the eastern coast of Kalimantan Island, the city boasts an expansive area of approximately 256,142 hectares of land and 68,189 hectares of sea. Indonesia has ambitious goals to accelerate economic transformation and create a sustainable, prosperous city of the future.

The aim of Nusantara is to be the Happiest City in the world. And Finland, the Happiest Country in the world, is supporting in making it happen.

Pertti Kortejärvi, CEO of SCIC, underlines the comprehensive approach of the Finnish joint solutions, stating, “We don’t provide isolated solutions; instead, we integrate various technologies to create a city that functions seamlessly. Our aim is to deliver value to the people through efficient, integrated services.”

Business opportunities in several sectors

The collaboration between OIKN and SCIC creates opportunities in a wide range of areas of expertise. These include energy optimization, data transfer infrastructure, smart building design, development of smart urban areas, enhanced city management, energy consumption efficiency, and advanced water waste management systems. Finland holds cutting-edge competence in these fields. This collaboration enables exporting the competence to Asian markets.
Deputy for Green and Digital Transformation of OIKN, Mohammed Ali Berawi, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are open to the participation of various parties from both inside and outside Indonesia. OIKN has an MoU with SCIC in developing, planning and building Nusantara to be a Smart City”

Nusantara, envisioned as the “Happiest City in the world,” is on a mission to redefine urban living in Southeast Asia. As Finland, the “Happiest Country in the world,” supports in achieving it. This collaboration aims to bring advanced smart city solutions that enhance the well-being of Nusantara’s residents and contribute to the city’s economic growth.

SCIC takes Finnish companies to showcase solutions at Expo House

To scout the suitable solutions for the new capital, IKN has launched a year long Exhibition House. The Expo house will host visitors from the President office, politicians, investors, representatives from other cities and members of the community. This increases inclusivity within stakeholders and broadens the possibilities in the Indonesian markets.

The Exhibition House runs from 17th of August 2023 until the same date on 2024. The Finnish booth hosts several companies from SCIC members, including Nokia, Kone, Helvar and many others. The booth is done in close collaboration with Business Finland, and recruits interested companies throughout the year.

This collaboration between SCIC and OIKN will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Nusantara.

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