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Salt Cave Inc. Urges Clients to Verify Proper Construction Of Therapy Center Before Use.

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— Margaret Smiechowski

MENDON, VERMONT, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2023/ — Dr. Margaret Smiechowski, North America’s foremost expert on Himalayan salt and the therapeutic use of salt caves, is speaking out. “Not all salt caves are created equal,” says the designer and builder of the first public Himalayan salt cave and current owner of Oceanair Himalayan Salt Caves in Florida and Massachusetts. “With the recent increased interest in salt caves, it seems like many people are now getting on board, building their own versions. The problem is, without knowledge of how to effectively build with and use salt, at best these designs are ineffective, and at worst could even pose potential hazards.”

As one of the first in the world to study and understand the science behind the art of salt cave construction, Dr. Smiechowski is well aware of the role that public opinion plays in the success of her industry. “There are a lot of people who believe that salt therapy is quackery, despite the research clearly showing the benefits. We have had to work hard to show the benefits in a positive light, and I am concerned that ineffective salt rooms may reinforce the idea that salt caves do not work. So it’s really important that we educate the public about what to know.”

Dr. Smiechowski notes that one of the primary concerns about salt rooms is that the space must be fitted with a carefully-calibrated climate control system. “The design must not only prevent the spread of pathogens from person to person during a session but should keep the building’s structure safe from the corrosive effects of salt.”

Other things she has seen that have concerned her are when caves have multiple doors, visible windows, a drop ceiling, or air conditioning grills in the walls or ceilings—all of which can limit the effectiveness of the system. She notes that she is also concerned about decorations made from fabrics, tree branches, and pillows because these can break down in the salt environment and become airborne allergens.

How can you tell if a salt cave design is effective and safe? Dr. Smiechowski explains that “you should be able to breathe easier, your sense of smell might seem stronger, you might notice softer skin, and you might notice a slightly salty taste on the lips and a light dusting of salt on your glasses and clothes.” A visible build-up of salt on clothes could be an indicator of incorrect climate settings or improper construction.

“I have been to many salt caves over the years, but I return every time I am at the Cape to Oceanair because not only is the cave beautiful and peaceful, but I always feel better afterward,” says Mary Johansson, a regular salt cave enthusiast. “Oceanair is by far my favorite and the most effective.”

Dr. Smiechowski goes on to say, “Without proper construction and maintenance, people aren’t really experiencing true salt therapy, and there can be irreparable damage to the building’s electrical and HVAC systems. Poorly built salt caves that damage these systems can even pose a fire hazard.”

So how does she recommend protecting yourself?

“Well, the simplest way is for people getting into this business to educate themselves beforehand and construct caves that are effective and safe. Consult with a professional if you need to. Don’t just fill a room with salt, but fill it with care. And for consumers, do your research before you visit a cave. Look at the pictures on the website to see not just a close-up of one wall but to see the bigger picture of what is in the cave. And while in the cave, use a flashlight if possible to see if you can see the tiny particles of salt evenly filling the entire space. And, of course, notice how you feel after a session.”

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