Ruto applauds UNSC’s authorization of Kenya-led police mission in Haiti

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NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 3 — President William Ruto has welcomed the resolution by the United Nations Security Council giving a go ahead for Kenya to lead a multi-national security force to violence-hit Haiti.

President Ruto hailed the UNSC resolution as an “overdue and critical instrument to define the multinational mission.”

He emphasized the mission’s significance as a foundational intervention aimed at creating the necessary conditions for Haiti to consolidate its development and governance.

“It is therefore absolutely essential that resources as well as operational scope available to the UN team, as well as other humanitarian and development actors on the ground in Haiti, be appropriately reinforced,” Ruto said Tuesday.

Moïse assassination

Haiti has been grappling with a surge in violence since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021 at his private residence in the capital, Port-au-Prince, triggering calls for a security intervention to complement the efforts of understaffed and under resourced Haiti national police force.

Ruto said the situation in Haiti, demands a moral responsibility and fundamental justice, emphasizing the need to escalate efforts in providing emergency relief, humanitarian aid, support for livelihoods, and substantial interventions in public health and environmental protection.

Ahead of the upcoming COP28, Ruto called on nations, international organisations, philanthropies and other institutions to attend to the severe environmental degradation in Haiti, stressing the need for urgent collective action to combat the crisis.

He pointed out that the mission will provide a different footprint in the history of international interventions in Haiti.

President Ruto reiterated that the primary goal of the peace mission is to establish a conducive environment for both the political and civil society sectors in Haiti to usher in stability, development, and democratic governance through a framework owned and driven by the Haitian people.

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 “The resolution marks an important moment in the history of global multilateralism, as we engage international collective action that places human security and dignity at the same level as state security and sovereignty, and enables the nations of the world to discharge a collective moral duty of securing justice and security for all peoples of all nations,” he said.

He also highlighted that this resolution affirms the Pan-African commitment to continental unity, alongside the African Union’s policy of solidarity with the African Diaspora.

African solidarity

President Ruto expressed Kenya’s solidarity with the Caribbean Community’s Reparations Commission in their quest for accountability for past injustices against African populations, including those who were enslaved.

“Today, we stand at the threshold of a sequence of reparative measures including debt cancellation to free Haiti from shackles of an ugly past that bind them even now,” he added saying people of Haiti “deserved a break”.

The President extended his gratitude to the United States and Ecuador for their consultative, inclusive, and focused efforts, which he says played a critical role in achieving this resolution.

He also thanked African states in the Security Council, including Gabon, Ghana, and Mozambique, for their stewardship of the process, and all other members of the UN Security Council for their support, which resulted in a resolution aligned with the principles and values of the African Union’s constitutive Act.

President Ruto also commended the Caribbean Community’s Eminent Persons Group, consisting of The Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, The Hon. Bruce Golding, and The Hon. Dr. Kenny D Anthony, for their unwavering commitment to the cause and their offer of CARICOM’s good offices to the government and people of Haiti.

Under the arrangement, Kenya will deploy a 1000-strong police force to Haiti, providing operational support and engaging in joint interventions alongside the Haiti National Police.

Their mission will include enhancing the institutional capacity of the Haitian police force to combat criminal gangs, violent crime, and trafficking in humans, arms, and drugs.

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Additionally, the security force will work to safeguard Haiti’s critical infrastructure, including air and seaports, as well as vital transit arteries and intersections.

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