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Ron Flower Named Chief Executive at 3Dhealth

Congratulations Ron Flower!

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, June 21, 2023/ — Effective July 1st, Ron Flower will become the President & CEO of 3Dhealth, ushering in its next era of leadership. Shane Foreman, the firm’s Founder and current CEO, will continue his work with the organization, serving as Senior Advisor to Flower and the leadership team.

Founded in 2002, 3Dhealth is an industry leader, providing Community Needs Assessments and Provider Development Plans for hospitals and health systems across the country. In that role, they have seen firsthand how often abrupt retirements cause significant disruptions to organizations and the services they provide.

With that knowledge, 3Dhealth began succession planning in 2019 to ensure that the company and its service to the healthcare industry exist well beyond its Founder. This plan moves Flower into the President & CEO role now instead of waiting on Foreman’s retirement.

“Ron is better than anyone in the industry at what he does,” says Foreman, “and clients and partners already look to him for leadership. This was all a part of the plan.”

During his tenure at 3Dhealth, Flower has become a recognized expert in Provider Development Planning, Medical Staff Development Planning and Community Needs Assessment. Having started with 3Dhealth as an Analyst, he knows every client and is the architect of 3Dhealth’s approach, methodology and data sources. Through Ron’s leadership, 3Dhealth grew its revenue by over 50% in 2022.

In his new Senior Adviser role, Foreman will be available to the 3Dhealth team and to clients, but will focus on creating intellectual capital, developing the senior team, spotting talent, marketing, and identifying new clients.

“Entrepreneurs must create something different that customers need and then constantly improve and evolve,” says Foreman. “We have baked this philosophy into everything that we do at 3Dhealth.”

This latest evolution plays with a new career phase for founders and top leaders. In lieu of exiting a company as the CEO and disrupting institutional knowledge with that departure, this approach creates an extra phase of service to the company focused on growth and training. Flower will be the chief decision-maker, but with Foreman’s experience and advice close at hand. Foreman sees himself working for at least a decade in this capacity.

The transition also will allow Foreman to scale back some of his responsibilities. “We have a killer team right now and the time is right.” Foreman’s son and daughter-in-law had his family’s first grandchild this month. With some new free time, he plans to take Sutton dirt biking and horseback riding.

“This transition will protect and further our culture for both our clients and team,” says Foreman. “We have built something very unique that will continue to exist for decades to come.”

About 3Dhealth

Physicians are the most capital-intensive investment hospitals and health systems make. A single family-medicine physician can cost $342,000 to recruit, with ongoing investments of $227,000 per year. That same physician, however, when matched with the appropriate specialist complement, will generate $2.4M on average within the hospital.

With physician labor shortages and their resulting costs increases, it has never been more critical for hospitals and health systems to have data-driven recruitment strategies in place. With 21+ years of experience, 3Dhealth is uniquely positioned to lead this work. We’ve developed the data, processes, tools and expertise to evaluate provider and medical staff needs at a national, regional and local level.

Our team of experts focus on five key opportunities: we help you grow your primary care patient base, we identify holes in your specialty base, we help you deal with excess capacity, we avoid recruiting the wrong physician, and we help you prevent surprise retirements across your physician base.

By assessing the needs of both your community and your health system, filtered through real industry trends, we deliver a Plan that results in the strongest healthcare system for your patients.

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