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Relax in Comfort Chosen By Hospitals & U.S. Military to Supply Commercial Quality Massage Chairs for Their Zen Rooms

Relax in Comfort Proud Wellness Partner with MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL

Top Rated & Nationally Recognized!

Relax in Comfort Proud Wellness Partner With Orlando Health – Top Rated & Nationally Recognized

Relax in Comfort trusted source for the World's Best Massage Chairs

Relax in Comfort the trusted source for the World’s Best Massage Chairs since 1967

Relax in Comfort Selected as The Partner of Choice for Orlando Health Systems and MacDill Air Force Base for High Quality Commercial Massage Chairs.

Unlike the vast majority of massage chair brands sold in America, our collection of massage chairs can withstand heavy commercial usage – with hundreds of users daily”

— Don DePaulis

WINTER PARK, FL, USA, September 1, 2023/ — Relax in Comfort, a leading provider of wellness and relaxation solutions, is proud to announce its selection as an approved supplier of luxury massage chairs for the Zen rooms at Orlando Health hospital systems in Orlando, FL, and MacDill Air Force Base (AFB) in Tampa, FL.

Modern workplaces, whether public or private, are recognizing the importance of prioritizing employee well-being. Stress reduction and providing avenues for relaxation are key strategies for enhancing productivity, boosting employee happiness, and improving employee retention rates. Organizations are increasingly investing in creating spaces where their teams can unwind, rejuvenate, and find solace amidst their busy schedules.

The decision by Orlando Health and MacDill AFB to equip their Zen rooms with luxury massage chairs from Relax in Comfort, a licensed gallery of Furniture for Life (FFL), exemplifies their commitment to fostering a holistic work environment that supports their team’s physical and mental health. These organizations understand that offering stress-relief amenities like massage therapy can lead to not only improved job performance but also a more positive workplace atmosphere.

The Mayo Clinic reports that regular massage therapy can have numerous benefits, including stress reduction, pain relief, improved circulation, and overall relaxation. By providing access to such amenities, organizations empower their employees to manage their stress effectively, leading to increased focus, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. Furthermore, initiatives like these are integral to attracting and retaining top talent, as employees are more likely to remain loyal to organizations that genuinely care about their well-being.

Relax in Comfort was the preferred choice for this partnership due to its impeccable reputation in providing high-quality relaxation solutions. With a legacy of delivering products designed for ultimate comfort and wellness, Relax in Comfort ensures that Orlando Health and MacDill AFB receive massage chairs that meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

“We are delighted to be selected as the provider of luxury massage chairs for the Zen rooms at Orlando Health and MacDill AFB,” said Don DePaulis, President of Relax in Comfort. “This collaboration reinforces the value of relaxation and stress reduction in today’s fast-paced work environments. We are confident that our massage chairs will contribute significantly to the well-being and contentment of the team members at these esteemed institutions.”

Relax in Comfort looks forward to a successful partnership with Orlando Health and MacDill AFB, contributing to the enhancement of individual well-being and the culture at both institutions. DePaulis continued “Unlike the vast majority of massage chair brands sold in America, our collection of massage chairs can withstand heavy commercial usage – with hundreds of users daily – just imagine the dependability experienced in a single family home”. As a licensed Gallery of Furniture For Life, Relax in Comfort proudly represents the top five global brands of massage chairs including Panasonic and the legendary OHCO Brand. These brands represent the best aesthetic designs, massage experience and long lasting durability.

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About Relax in Comfort:
A family tradition since 1967, Relax in Comfort is a leading provider of relaxation and wellness solutions, dedicated to promoting health and well-being through innovative products. With a reputation for excellence, Relax in Comfort offers a wide range of products designed to provide ultimate comfort and stress relief. Based in Winter Park Florida with locations serving Orlando, Tampa, The Villages and Park City & Farmington, Utah.

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