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Raju Ramanathan Shows How Introspection Can Prevent Bullying

Keeping the peace within one’s self is equally important to keeping the peace around

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2023 / — Sigmund Freud once said that unexpressed emotions will never die—they are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. These unexpressed emotions can subconsciously pile up and contribute to creating bullies. In fact, bullying has been a deeply entrenched problem.

With the hopes of turning the tide against this issue, Raju Ramanathan, also called “Master Raju,” a globally renowned Yogi, has released a book called “Preventing Bullying: A Manual for Teachers in Promoting Global Educational Harmony.” Having worked with many individuals as a life coach and spiritual mentor, Master Raju bridges ancient teachings with modern problems. He now sheds light on bullying and imparts new insight into this long-withstanding battle between teachers and their troubled students.

This comprehensive guide aims to aid bullying prevention and response by providing everything teachers will need to promote pro-love at their fingertips and in the school environment they are working in. Throughout the manual, important facts on bullying have been laid out, as well as the intervention strategies if bullying occurs, and the helpful tips for schools and parents. Promoting global educational harmony can be achieved by creating heartfelt experiences, strengthening student relationships, encouraging empathy, and practicing conflict resolution.

Master Raju also shared his teachings on the inner and outer worlds. Here, it is emphasized how these two worlds should have harmony—and should start in the inner world. Keeping the peace within one’s self is equally important to keeping the peace around. This inner war, if left unchecked, can spill through the outer world which wreaks havoc. Thus, constant introspection is a vital factor in countering bullying.

Having traveled around the world, Master Raju’s unique approach to bringing life-transforming spiritual messages to his readers can definitely get across regardless of the religious paths and cultural backgrounds of the people.

Be enlightened and inspired by Raju Ramanathan’s teachings by grabbing a copy of “Preventing Bullying: A Manual for Teachers in Promoting Global Educational Harmony,” available on Amazon and other major online bookstore retailers.

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