DreamGalaxy Access for Schools (1 yr)


The inclusive way to teach and learn backed by authentic educational media partners and studios including Higher ED

Our DreamGalaxy Academy annual educational access licenses allow for unlimited access for both students and teachers to the platform at $2,400 per 100 students or $54.99/year per educator for professional development.

Find DreamGalaxy as:

  1. NYC Department of Education Certified VendorElectronic Vendor Checks via NYC DOE Vendor portal can be made to The Pearl Dream, Inc (Vendor Portal ID VC00195734) 
  2. LearnPlatform product listed with data privacy compliant vendor privacy agreements for school districts across the US
  3. Chromebooks by Google and tablet ready apps
  4. SmartTV and other Android devices globally
  5. Gift CardsFundraising or  Mobile Money too!
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Unlimited access to DreamGalaxy Platform across devices and borders at home, school or on the go. Up to100 students including the educator.