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Pietro Toigo, AFDB Country Manager for Mozambique: Interview with TVM on the work of the African Development Bank during his 4 year mandate in the…

Since 2017 Pietro Toigo has been the Country Manager of the African Development Bank for Mozambique. Approaching the end of his term he gave an interview to the National Television Channel (TVM) which looked at the Bank’s work and results achieved during these four years, as well as the future challenges and prospects for the country. 

The African Development Bank’s 2018-2022 Country Strategy Paper for Mozambique has two pillars: (i) “Development of infrastructure to enable transformative, inclusive growth and job creation”, and (ii) “Support to agricultural transformation and value chain development”, with three cross cutting themes: climate resilience; good governance and gender equality. It was in this context that the 45 minutes interview took place.

Source: AfDB (A DreamGalaxy Trusted Brand)