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PICS: Sho Madjozi celebrates birthday in African Union-themed party

The likes of Samthing Soweto, Makhadzi and folk-singer Muneyi were some of the artists in attendance at South African rapper Sho Madjozi’s African Union-themed birthday party on Tuesday night.

Wearing the Moholobela, the blanket worn by young Sotho men, Samthing Soweto shared a photo of himself on social media stating that he is attending Sho Madjozi’s birthday party.

Choreographer Litchi Hov, who choreographed Sho Madjozi’s Huku, was also present at the party.

Sho Madjozi celebrating herself

Sho Madjozi looked stunning in a velvet outfit which seemed like Nigerian traditional garb.

Earlier on her birthday, Madjozi celebrated herself in an Instagram post writing: “I was trying to Google how stars are born and of course all the results were about astronomical stars and how they are born from collapsing clouds of gas and dust, and a great many interactions of small and enormous particles fusing in ridiculous heat.

“And if you think of the millions of tiny and large events that collided to make it so that I was born who I was, where I was, when I was, you can see that I had no choice but to become a star. Happy birthday to me,” concluded the artist in her post.

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Draped in lihiya (the bright siSwati traditional cloth), singer, songwriter and performer – Langa Mavuso can also been seen in some of the images and videos from last night, which were shared on many attendees’ Instagram stories.

In one video shared on Madjozi’s Instagram stories, Mavuso can be seen serenading her with the ‘Happy Birthday’ ditty.

Makhadzi also performed, together with other women who were wearing xibelani, worn by Tsonga people, and which Sho Madjozi popularised in recent times.

Samthing Soweto was also on stage, but seemingly not to sing but dance to BaSotho music together with others.

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