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Cools Kitchen Pre- Heats Hot Water

Geo-Chiller operates every time Hot water is used, cold water runs though heat exchanger pre- heating hot water 6 F degrees and cools the air out of unit.

MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2023/ — The Geo- Chiller TM. saves on natural gas in full-service restaurants. ASR. put the unit in a restaurant, in the past. The unit can pre-heat the hot water 6 F degrees, and Air out of unit , about 22 F degrees, delta T in a hot kitchen, using a 1/4 HP motor.

The motor was used a as the fan, ASR. discovered that it cost too much energy to operate our system. The KW/hrs., was too great for the system, therefore
ASR. decided to eliminate the motor and capture the energy, in the flow of water, using a Hydro turbine as the fan, to power our system.
The Hydro – Turbine, only uses a portion of the tap water, the rest is available for other hot water needs, this is made possible with a couple of vales and plumbing retrofit (preset Ratio) flow switch to activate the system. The Hydro turbine unit would have to be made for potable water requirements, and replace the electric motor. The system is energy efficient.

The Patent was issued May 17th, 2022, and the claims are very strong and broad, that covers this system. Currently ASR. are Offering Equity in the patent, ASR. is seeking a Business Partner, to develop the Geo-Chiller. US. Patent 11,333,374 B2 / for information please contact us:

Bob Biancardi / CEO
Applied Scientific Research Inc

Robert P Biancardi
ASR Inc.

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