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PageProof launches native integration with Airtable

PageProof and Airtable native integration

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PageProof’s native integration with Airtable enables faster delivery of creative campaigns by extending approval workflows and adding advanced proofing.

PageProof is the missing piece marketing teams are looking for to deliver their creative campaigns in Airtable faster.”

— Gemma Hurst, CEO of PageProof

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, June 28, 2023/ — PageProof, the industry-leading online proofing platform for creative agencies and marketing teams, today announced the release of their integration with Airtable. Teams can now add advanced proofing and proof tracking to their bases, giving reviewers access to powerful review tools and approval workflows.

“PageProof is the missing piece marketing teams are looking for to deliver their creative campaigns in Airtable faster,” says Gemma Hurst, CEO of PageProof. “Proofs can easily be created in a couple of clicks with the new PageProof extension. Once proofs are underway, details of their progress can be tracked in tables, and interfaces can be designed to present proofing data to keep teams in the loop.”

Airtable is a low-code platform for building apps to power your marketing and creative teams’ workflows. It allows teams to store information in a visually appealing and user-friendly spreadsheet format with the scalability and security of a database. Perfect for managing deliverables and milestones for creative campaigns.

The PageProof and Airtable integration adds a powerful proofing experience to creative assets, enhances workflow efficiency, and saves users valuable time – by driving airtight timelines and pixel-perfect proofs.

Key benefits of the Airtable and PageProof integration include:
1. Airtable users can access advanced proofing of file formats such as: video, audio, websites, HTML emails and web banners, native Adobe file formats, Microsoft Office files, prototype designs from Figma, and much more.
2. Reviewers can access powerful review tools such as: comprehensive markup, easy comparison of versions with compare mode, rulers and gridlines for checking precision, automatic barcode scanning, ColorSep® to preview color separation plates and check ink coverage, and checklists to ensure compliance.
3. Seamless proof creation: Create proofs directly from file attachments in Airtable.
4. Proofs table: Add a handy proofs table to your base that will track up-to-date information about your PageProof proofs.
5. Synchronized proof data: Any changes or updates made to proof data are automatically synchronized with the corresponding columns in your Airtable tables.
6. Simple management of proof records: You can view and manage your proof records in Airtable in a way that suits you, such as grid, Kanban, or calendar.
7. Automated file uploads: Approved files in PageProof can be automatically uploaded directly as a file attachment in Airtable, saving effort and time.

“We are excited that Airtable’s customizeable databases and applications now have the added power of advanced online proofing,” says Marcus Radich, CTO of PageProof. “With this integration, marketing teams can deliver creative campaigns faster by streamlining review and approvals, with the added benefit of ensuring consistency and precision.”

To learn more about how PageProof and Airtable’s native integration can help you deliver creative campaigns faster, visit

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PageProof is a leading online proofing platform that makes the review and approval of creative work feel effortless. Files of any kind can be securely shared with your team with just a few clicks. With powerful tools to automate workflow, review work, and make sure everything is pixel perfect, providing feedback is simple. PageProof is the only triple-layer encrypted online proofing solution that offers native integrations and support for all your design, communication, and project management tools.

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