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OPPIDUM Unveils a New Era of Luxury Underground Living

INDIA, October 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — OPPIDUM Redefines Luxury Living with Cutting-Edge Underground Sanctuaries.

OPPIDUM brings a paradigm shift to high-end personal protection. The company adds value to the owner’s primary residence by offering facilities such as a private art gallery, secure meeting lounge, comfortable bedroom suites, spa, and other leisure amenities for everyday peacetime use. The company offers a unique, contemporary, and luxurious solution to an age-old desire: to protect individuals and their loved ones.

An OPPIDUM integrates the highest levels of environmental and military protection systems seamlessly into a luxurious addition to an existing family estate. OPPIDUM offers three luxurious underground living models to choose from:

· L’Heritage
· Linear
· Futurist

L’Heritage – An OPPIDUM’s classic, timeless design, inspired by the ancient Roman fortresses known as oppida. It features elegant, old-world charm and all the modern amenities and provides security features in an Oppidum underground living space.

Linear – A sleek, modern design, better for those who prefer a more contemporary look. It boasts a minimalist aesthetic and cutting-edge technology while providing all the protection and comfort of an OPPIDUM underground living space.

Futurist – The company offers a bold, futuristic design that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in underground living. It incorporates innovative materials and technologies to create a truly one-of-a-kind living space.

All three models offer private art galleries, secure garages, discreet meeting spaces, spas, and indoor gardens, as well as being optimized for everyday luxury living and prepared for all surface threats.


“Our vision at Oppidum is to build the world’s most beautiful and secure contemporary fortified residences. They are places of serenity and absolute safety for owners and their families. We are privileged to offer our clients the highest levels of service, creating beautiful places that will protect them and their legacy for generations to come.

We take an optimistic view of the world. However, not all events are foreseeable or preventable. It is wise to be prepared to weather the storm when necessary. In an uncertain world, an Oppidum provides peace of mind. It is a place of strength that enables our clients to preserve and protect what matters most. “- JAKUB ZAMRAZIL, FOUNDER AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, OPPIDUM.


“Oppidum is an extraordinary technical and professional challenge beyond any brief we have previously received for a secure space. Every project is conceived, designed, and realized without compromise to be worthy of our clients, the most powerful individuals in the world. Concealed underground within its domain, it is a place of absolute purpose, engineering integrity, and state-of-the-art technology that offers a beautiful, elegant, and entirely personalized living environment. We are delighted to be part of this remarkable endeavor.” – MARC PRIGENT, PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT AND DESIGNER OF OPPIDUM.

The team of OPPIDUM architects includes Marc Prigent, founder of a highly respected practice near Paris, France. Mr Prigent designed the flagship Oppidum project, L’Héritage, as well as the Futurist model, working alongside experienced specialists and technical partners in secure underground living space construction.

The extensive and luxurious OPPIDUM, L’Héritage, is suitable for installation at larger properties. It offers 1,000 square metres of accommodation, comprising generously proportioned public and private areas, an indoor garden, a gallery, and technical spaces – all hidden deep beneath the ground. The principal rooms and facilities include:


Access to the spacious underground garage, known as the Parc Fermé and guarded by an internal security gate, is via a hydraulically actuated ramp set into the ground so as to be almost invisible. There is also a staircase descending from the optional helipad. The Parc Fermé itself is fully secure and built to museum standards.

OPPIDUM’s main entrance is an airlock, fully equipped as a decontamination chamber. It is enclosed by two sets of custom-made OPPIDUM blast doors; the outer door is controlled by a multi-biometric reader that simultaneously scans the face, iris, palm, and fingerprints.


The inner blast door leads to a magnificent entrance hall with fine-grained solid wood flooring. Belying the fact that it is deep underground, the ceiling soars almost five metres overhead and is decorated with opulent hand-crafted glass chandeliers. All furniture is custom-made.


The heart of this hidden retreat is the lounge, a relaxing yet inspiring space to meet friends and business associates or enjoy quality time with loved ones. It is separated from the rest of the OPPIDUM by secure doors, giving complete control over who has access to bedrooms and other private accommodation areas. An adjoining, fully secured meeting room provides a dedicated space for more confidential discussions.


At the touch of a button, the opaque safety glass wall becomes transparent, revealing a private art gallery beyond. This unique space allows owners to enjoy their most treasured objects whenever they wish. The gallery is constructed to the same anti-intrusion standards as commercial bank vaults, meeting the strictest insurance company criteria. State-of-the-art fire protection, ventilation, temperature, and humidity control systems keep collections in perfect condition.


The inner garden brings natural light, space, and beauty. Flowers and plants are sustained by sophisticated automatic irrigation in this seemingly magical space. Through full-light spectrum simulation, the sun rises and sets, and the seasons change in the skylight overhead.

The retreat also has a swimming pool filled with saltwater or freshwater, plus a full collection of high-specification exercise machines to keep the body and mind in peak condition.


The hidden technology that sustains life underground is housed in a suite of technical rooms. The principal systems operate autonomously, requiring no human intervention, with backup circuits that deploy instantly.

OPPIDUM has two independent air filtration units. The primary unit is designed for ordinary peacetime use; the secondary unit is a military-grade chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) system.

In addition, the OPPIDUM is fully airtight and gastight and can be completely isolated from the outside atmosphere if required. A unique high-pressure air reserve and internal circulation enables occupants to breathe normally and safely. The air filtration unit is equipped with a CO2 removal system combined with an auxiliary oxygen supply. That provides breathable air when there is insufficient or no fresh air entering the building.

Water is supplied from deep underground by a private well, entirely independent of the public supply. In case of a power outage, blackout, or instability in the grid, the power system seamlessly switches to one of its multiple fail-safe alternative power sources, including twin diesel generators and backup batteries.


Local geological and hydrological conditions majorly impact each OPPIDUM’s design and construction.

The construction generally comprises an open excavation with a temporary retaining structure at the perimeter. The primary excavations can extend 15 metres below ground level and involve displacing up to 45,000 cubic metres (60-70,000 tonnes) of soil.

The main structure is a reinforced concrete shell designed to withstand static and dynamic loads, such as blast and shock waves and natural seismic activity. An Oppidum is constructed using high-density concrete with magnetite-based aggregate – the same formulation used to build nuclear power plants. For more information, please visit OPPIDUM via www.oppidum.ch


OPPIDUM, a Swiss-based company specializing in designing and constructing luxury underground bunker structures, utilizing advanced technology expertise. The company brings a new concept of bespoke luxury underground bunker solutions to clients’ existing estates. The company designs private art galleries, secure garages, and discreet meeting spaces for business and leisure, including a spa and an indoor garden.

In addition, OPPIDUM provides independent off-grid operation (power systems, water, supplies) suitable for short- and long-term contingency, private business or leisure use. The company offers three luxurious models to get inspired: L’Heritage, Linear, and Futurist, protected by complex integrated security systems.

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