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New Study Re-Ranks Top 100 Global Universities

Global University Visibility rankings

The Global University Visibility (GUV) rankings evaluate 100 of the world’s leading universities based on global visibility.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A recent study evaluates 100 of the world’s leading universities based on global visibility.

The Global University Visibility (GUV) rankings provide a new perspective, acknowledging that public visibility is intrinsically linked to the prestige and prominence of a university, a connection previously unaddressed by traditional metrics.

The GUV rankings, conducted by the Washington DC-based firm American Caldwell, tracks annual news mentions of each university, as well as five additional visibility metrics to compile an overall score, providing a comprehensive measure of a university’s prominence within a 12-month period.

“There are numerous benefits to having a higher visibility. It helps to attract quality students, expand funding opportunities, recruit and retain faculty, facilitate new partnerships, improve alumni relations and increase rankings” said Nino Kader, Partner at American Caldwell.

“This approach complements traditional rankings by adding important new metrics such as interest from the public and news media mentions,” said Mr. Kader. The GUV rankings also include number of visitors to the university website, total social media reach, web citations and online footprint.

The study, available at www.americancaldwell.com/guv-rankings, reveals a few surprises.

Purdue University, earns its spot in the Top 10 for overall global visibility, surpassing renowned institutions such as the University of Cambridge and Yale University.

Harvard University commands the top spot, significantly ahead of the pack, followed by MIT, Stanford University, and Cornell University, ranking second, third, and fourth, respectively. The University of Toronto, the lone Canadian institution in the top 10, holds a commendable fifth position.

Internationally, the University of Oxford from the UK claims the eighth spot, and China’s Tsinghua University stands within the Top 20. Australia makes its appearance on the list with the University of Melbourne securing the 21st position.

The Global University Visibility (GUV) ranking incorporates six key indicators including the frequency and quality of universities’ media appearances, the online footprint, social media following, public interest level, web citations and website visitors. By placing emphasis on these factors, the GUV ranking aspires to offer a more comprehensive evaluation of a university’s global visibility.

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